Giant LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

If you’ve read our site for any amount of time now, you already know that I am a big fan of LEGO and Star Wars. If you’re just popping in with us for this article, well, I love LEGO and Star Wars. I do not think I’m alone in this passion because there are some really great Star Wars LEGO creations out there. That said, this just might be my all-time favorite. This is an amazing piece of work. This person should be a Master Builder for sure. He said he just wanted to build something that would be like his own dream set but this is really, really incredible. The attention to detail, the amount of painstaking work that likely went into it… it’s crazy.

I’m not even sure where to begin with explaining how awesome this one is. Here’s a description from the builder:

ISD Tyrant with LEGO’s 2014 Star Destroyer set (75055) in the foreground. The Tyrant is over 56 inches (1.4m) long and weighs approximately 70 lbs (32kg) with a full load (the interior adds a lot of weight). That makes it about 20 inches longer — and quite a few times heavier — than the classic LEGO UCS version. No non-Lego components were used, except for a couple strings of LED lights (not shown — still working on that).

And here is a slideshow of the project. Be sure to read the captions too so you can learn more about how he did it.

Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

So have a look and let us know what you think. Then show it to a friend and blow their mind as well!

Lisa Clark

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