SWTOR Cartel Pack Changes with the new GEMINI Pack

Eric Musco just  posted some clarification regarding the cartel pack changes with the newest GEMINI pack:

Cartel Pack Changes with the GEMINI Pack | 06.29.2016, 01:47 PM

Hey folks,
Yesterday, we made a few changes to how Cartel Packs work with the release of the GEMINI pack. I want to share the changes that were made to the pack.

Grand Chance Cubes/Bronze Items
The primary feedback we have heard from players over the past few months is that you would prefer to receive Bronze items rather than Chance Cubes. For that reason, one of the first things you will notice is that we have re-introduced Bronze items back into the Cartel Pack. Although you can get amazing items out of the cubes, we took your feedback and made the following changes:

  • We have introduced multiple Bronze items into the GEMINI Pack.
  • To allow for the addition above, the drop rate of Grand Chance Cubes has been greatly reduced.

Pack Pricing Changes

You will notice that with the GEMINI Pack, the price has moved back to 300 Cartel Coins. As with any price change we want you to understand why it changed. The short explanation is that we have item slots to the packs, packs contained fewer slots with the launch of KotFE and therefore the pricing was lowered. Now that we have added items and value to the pack in the form of additional slots, we adjusted the price to match. Here is a more detailed breakdown.

Pre-KotFE Packs (2 pack items) – 300 Cartel Coins discounted to 250 Cartel Coins for launch

KotFE Launch Packs (1 pack item) – 200 Cartel Coins

GEMINI Pack (2 pack items) – 300 Cartel Coins discounted to 250 Cartel Coins for launch

You may also notice that Hypercrates are more expensive than before. We added 6 more packs into each Hypercrate with KotFE and so the price is reflective of that change. The price per pack in a Hypercrate is actually lower than the pre-KotFE numbers. Thank you for your understanding and support! As always, the team will continue to look to your feedback regarding packs and their content.