Jedi Fallen Order Weekly Recap

Jedi Fallen Order: Weekly Recap

I promised to bring you all the news and updates I could find about the new Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order. This past week does not disappoint because there are some goodies to share your way.

First, let’s talk about the protagonist. Fallen Order is bringing us Cal Kestis, played my Cameron Monaghan. If you were expecting a female lead, it’s not happening in this one. Reports say that’s actually because of Rey. Apparently, the game’s director Stig Asmussen says Rey is directly the reason they didn’t use a female for the lead role.

“We talked about different gender,” Asmussen told Game Informer on its video podcast. “We arrived where we were because at the time, Rey was the thing for Star Wars, and so it made a lot more sense for us to have a male protagonist.”

Not sure it makes “a lot more sense” to me. I mean, is there not room for more than one female lead in the Star Wars Universe? A game director is allowed to make the game however they choose, but the reasoning just seems weak to me.

Also interesting: The lead was almost an alien. What? Yes, I had to look more into this one, too.

Speaking to Game Informer, creative director on the game Stig Asmussen revealed that he and the team were at one point talking about an alien protagonist.

So, why did they change it? The story says they wanted a human connection to the story and they didn’t think this would come across with an alien lead. So, there you have it!

And of course, no Star Wars game would be complete without the criticism. People are already speaking against the lightsaber in Fallen Order. Due to the pushback, it was changed already!

Apparently, fans didn’t think it was bright enough, and it didn’t have the white core that is synonymous with lightsabers.

“That was very fair feedback and fair criticism. We’ve tweaked [the light], and also tweaked the shape of the lightsaber blade a little. You can see the difference right away.”

Finally, Fallen order is getting a prequel from Marvel Comics. Marvel will publish a five-issue comic-book series called “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Dark Temple,” Lucasfilm announced on Tuesday. 

I LOVE Marvel Comics and of course, I love Star Wars, so I am feeling super pumped about this one. They are written by Matthew Rosenberg  (‘Uncanny X-Men’ and ‘The Punisher’) and illustrated by Paolo Villanelli (‘Vader: Dark Visions’) so sure to be great quality content.

This could be the perfect way to get pumped up for Jedi: Fallen Order while we await release.


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