Gamebreaker Video Podcast dissects recent QA

Gamebreaker published their “The Republic” Video Podcast yesterday. This time , they covery QA Questions from the latest Fan Update and the darkside corruption. To me Jay comes off as an Uber Nerd, but he really doesn’t know much about SW:TOR or Star Wars for that matter. He can’t comprehend that the reasons AOC and WAR failed were not because they were WoW clones, but that they were way too focused on PVP and were rushed products. Had either of those game had the time they needed and cared at all for their PVE content they could have done really well.

I will say that I’m not shocked somebody else is complaining about the overzealous mods on the TOR boards killing threads. I can’t wait until the game launches and they can’t handle the massive amounts of posts on the forums. They’ll probably ease up on the insane amount of moderation when that happens.