How Much Will It Cost To Stay At Disney's Star Wars Hotel?

How Much Will It Cost To Stay At Disney’s Star Wars Hotel?

I have good news for all Star Wars fans. Disney Studios is giving you a chance to board the Star Wars spaceships for two nights. Galaxy’s Edge is the new spaceship in town which is causing a lot of buzz. The spacecraft was opened in May although more details have been kept under wraps. 

So, stop doing what you’re now. You can play games online with later; let’s take a visit to the Star Wars world first.

Halycon: The Star Wars-themed Hotel

There are two parks which will feature the Star Wars-themed hotel; one being Florida which has already opened. The Halycon is unlike your typical hotel stay since it will feature all the packages and meals of a Disney voyage. 

What will it be like at the Halycon?

Once you get to the Halycon, you will enter a launch pod which will take you to your ship. The journey will be spectacular since you will be immersed in space. Also, you will get to enjoy fine dining. The space experience will continue until you dock at the Halycon. At the hotel, you will enjoy two or three nights in your pod. You can watch the galaxy as it changes and meets Star Wars characters like Chewbacca.

All defenders will be called to the Black Spire Outpost where they will demonstrate their skills. Also, if you prove yourself worthy, you can be able to navigate the Galactic Cruiser. However, if you want to enjoy a full vacation without doing much, you can relax at the Silver C lounge. 

What will be the cost of staying at the Star Wars Hotel?

After getting a rough image of how it will be, I am sure you want to know how much it costs. The Star Wars Hotel will be a bit costly. You have to be ready to dig deep in your pockets because night will cost $1000. Then a two night and 3-day stay will cost $3300 for each guest. Sources close to Disney claim that one cabin can host five people and it will amount to $7200. The price of one person, on the other hand, will cost $1440. 

Although the prices are outrageous, guests have been promised of a try Star Wars experience. Let us know what you think, would you board the Star Wars Hotel at that price range?