SWTOR: Lost Island

Flashpoints of SWTOR: Lost Island

“Lost Island” is a flashpoint in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic. This challenging group content tasks players with battling their way through a series of enemies and bosses, culminating in a final boss fight that tests their skills and teamwork.

Located on the planet Voss, Lost Island is a former Sith research facility that has been overrun by dangerous creatures and the remnants of the Sith Lord’s experiments. Players must navigate through the treacherous island, fighting off hordes of enemies and powerful bosses along the way.

One of the first major challenges players will face is the fight against the Gorinth Canyon Beast. This massive creature is heavily armored and attacks with a combination of melee and ranged attacks. To defeat it, players will need to focus their firepower on its weak points and avoid its devastating charges.

Next up is the battle against the Voss Mystic. This powerful Force user can summon illusions and use a variety of dark side abilities to disorient and damage players. To defeat the Voss Mystic, players should focus on interrupting its spellcasting and be prepared for a prolonged battle of attrition.

After the Voss Mystic, players will face off against the Voss commando. This skilled fighter is heavily armed with a wide range of weapons and tactics. Players will need to be quick on their feet and work together to take him down before he can cause too much damage.

Finally, players will reach the final boss of Lost Island: the Voss Bulwark. This towering monstrosity wields a massive shield and hammer that can quickly decimate unprepared groups. To defeat the Voss Bulwark, players should focus on kiting and interrupting its powerful attacks while avoiding its devastating shield slam and hammer strikes.

Overall, Lost Island is a challenging flashpoint that requires players to work together and use all of their skills to overcome the many obstacles and enemies found on Voss. With careful planning, skillful execution and good teamwork, players can emerge victorious from this test of strength and skill.


What is Lost Island in SWTOR?

Lost Island is a flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). It is a challenging group-based PvE mission that continues the storyline from the Kaon Under Siege flashpoint, where players investigate the origins of a deadly Rakghoul plague.

How do I access the Lost Island flashpoint?

You can access the Lost Island flashpoint through the Group Finder or by traveling directly to the mission’s starting point on the planet Ord Mantell.

What level should my character be to attempt Lost Island?

The recommended level for attempting Lost Island is 50. However, the flashpoint can be scaled to accommodate different levels, making it accessible to players at various stages of progression.

Can Lost Island be played solo?

While Lost Island is designed for group play, it is generally more challenging to complete solo. Higher-level players with strong companions and good gear may attempt it solo, but it is best experienced with a full group for optimal coordination and support.

What kind of enemies and bosses will I face in Lost Island?

In Lost Island, you will face various mutated creatures and Rakghouls. The flashpoint features several challenging bosses, each with unique mechanics and abilities that require strategy and teamwork to defeat.

What rewards can I expect from completing Lost Island?

Completing Lost Island rewards players with valuable loot, including high-quality gear, credits, and commendations. Additionally, there are achievements and titles to earn for completing specific challenges within the flashpoint.

Are there any special strategies for defeating the bosses in Lost Island?

Yes, each boss in Lost Island has specific mechanics that players need to be aware of. For example, the first boss, LR-5 Sentinel Droid, has powerful area-of-effect attacks that must be avoided. Researching strategies or watching tutorial videos can help you prepare for these encounters.

Is Lost Island connected to any other flashpoints or storylines in SWTOR?

Yes, Lost Island is a direct continuation of the Kaon Under Siege flashpoint. It further explores the outbreak of the Rakghoul plague and uncovers more about its origins and the experiments that led to its spread.

What role do the Rakghouls play in the Lost Island flashpoint?

Rakghouls are central to the storyline of Lost Island. Players will encounter various mutated forms of Rakghouls, and the flashpoint delves into the origins and effects of the plague, providing more context and depth to their presence in the SWTOR universe.

Can I replay Lost Island for additional rewards?

Yes, you can replay Lost Island to earn additional rewards. The flashpoint can be repeated for gear upgrades, commendations, and to complete daily or weekly group content objectives.

How does the Lost Island flashpoint fit into the overall narrative of SWTOR?

Lost Island expands on the events of the Rakghoul pandemic, a significant storyline in SWTOR. It ties into broader themes of scientific experimentation, moral ambiguity, and the consequences of unchecked ambition within the Star Wars universe.

What tips can help new players succeed in Lost Island?

New players should ensure they have adequate gear and are familiar with their character’s abilities. Communication and coordination with your group are key. Additionally, researching boss mechanics and strategies beforehand can greatly improve your chances of success.