Friday Update: Blood of the Empire Act 2 Issue 2

Friday Update: Blood of the Empire Act 2 Issue 2

BioWare was a little late getting out this Friday’s update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. With rampant speculation that one of the game’s testing phases would begin this weekend, this only helped fuel the fire. I hate to deliver bad news, but the update was recently posted and revealed the latest issue of Blood of the Empire. Although the webcomic is supposed to be released twice a month, this is the second installment in just as many weeks! On a positive note, we can all find out if Teneb Kel can escape alive.

In the sixth issue of Blood of the Empire™, Teneb Kel fights for his life as Lenico Colony Blue collapses around him. The Emperor’s apprentice has proven vastly more powerful than anyone realized–it will take all Teneb’s skills and resources to survive, let alone complete his mission. But can he rely on his closest ally in his moment of need, or will he face betrayal?

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How will Kel recover after his defeat at the hands of the Emperor’s former apprentice? Will he continue to seek her out, or will he go to his Emperor in disgrace? One thing is for certain in this comic, and that is the fact that the Sith are driving the story so far. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

And over at Dark Horse, we get a sneak peek at Star Wars: The Old Republic # 4, scheduled for October 2010!! Check it out here…

A bit of speculation still surrounds the update; as Sean said that there were going to be two things posted. Then he said something about things can change. I get the feeling that BioWare is not happy about something right now so their plans changed a lot over the last couple of days.

FINAL UPDATE [6:05PM CDT]: Just to let everyone know, we will be putting up the latest issue of the Blood of the Empire within the hour. We thank you for your patience and understanding and definitely check back in next week.

It might be a new developer diary ( It has been a while since the last one) that just didn’t make the deadline, or information about the beta. Off course it’s all speculation.