Jeff Hickman Interview

Jeff Hickman Interview

The guys and girls over at TORWars got an Exclusive Interview with Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s, Jeff Hickman. In the interview mr. Hickman answers questions from the readers of TORWars and while he do dodge a few questions, he also answers some questions so well, that it get’s me very confident in the future of the game we all love so much.

TW: The studio has seen some staffing changes over the past year. Do you feel you are at a good staffing level now?

JH: Absolutely. The core of what makes the game and studio great are still here; quality in our game and in our workplace, people that are passionate about both, a camaraderie with each other that helps us support one another, and people who continue to help us carry the banner of BioWare and who are dedicated to help evolve and improve Star Wars: The Old Republic.

TW: Many players don’t understand why you cant discuss certain things in development. Can you shed some light on what those reasons are?

JH: The development process is a very complicated thing with several parts to it and it is in constant flux. One day, we could be discussing a huge feature that we want in the game and make several decisions based on that direction and the next, we could discover a huge road blocker that prevents us from going down that path. Because of this, we want to make sure that we have a solid plan in place for any future content. This gives our marketing and PR team enough time to develop a strategy for the announcement of the content and the months beyond. They’ll need to maximize the timing and distribution of the information and it’s important that the development team is in alignment with that. There are many gears that need to turn and work together and announcing things before they are ready can throw a wrench into our overall plans.

So… When will guild capital ships bo live 🙂