SWTOR Fashion Friday for 6/7/13

CxxEiv9Reddit has a pretty cool community event for SWTOR going on called Fashion Friday and if you’re into fashion, SWTOR, roleplaying or just good fun, then you’ll probably like this. I’ve been following it for a few weeks now and there are some nice things coming out of it. Each week, user goldegl explains the rules:

Please upvote for visibility. Self-posts give no karma.

Alright, you fashionistas, let’s see em!

I have been pretty amazed at some of the awesome looks that have come up in the past few weeks. I hope people save some of these awesome screenshots/looks in case they were needed for some kind of contest or giveaway or something… (In the business, we call that foreshadowing)

But aaaaaanyways, let’s see what you got this week, folks!

If you guys want to submit ideas or request a change with something, or even better, if you want to submit any kind of sidebar image, banner image, snoos (reddit alien), etc, go check out /r/swtortest!

This is the a series of weekly community discussion posts brought up in this mod post. The intention here is to not only facilitate everyone who wants to show off their gear, but also to encourage people who wouldn’t normally post their gear to show it off anyways! All while keeping the subreddit nice and tidy!

And this doesn’t just have to be your gear specifically. If you just want to show off your character because you think they look particularly awesome, do it!

A couple of tips for people wanting to partake in the fun:

  • To hide your UI press alt+z.
  • To take a screencap in game, press the Print Screen button. Usually found here.
  • The default folder for screenshots is located in Documents > Star Wars: The Old Republic > Screenshots.
  • Try and find an area with nice lighting. Usually sunny planets are the best bet here unless you want a setting that matches/compliments your gear.
  • I encourage people to include a list of what they’re wearing, but it’s not necessary.
  • Sort comments by New to check out the newest stuff posted.
  • Click and drag the left mouse button in game to move the camera.

If anyone else has any relevant tips, either post em here or shoot me a PM.

Have a good weekend guys!

And then you get to see the posts from the community.

This week we have Ironman look-alikes, near dubs for Mako and much more. Check out all the community posts and pictures here:

Fashion Friday | 6/7/13

Do you participate in events like this? Have an idea for one of your own? We want to hear about it!


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