Government is ready to set online gambling.You believe!!

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Online gambling appears in the cards for the Canadian after the government-run gaming monopoly launched a tender for a technology provider. In January, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commissiion (AGLC) said the concept of a government-run online gambling site was “actively under review” after determining there were “expectations from consumers that be available to Alberta players.”

Alberta could soon join most provinces in having government-run online gambling sites.If the plan goes ahead will be able to play the slot games from home.Bill Robinson, the CEO of the Gaming and Liquor Commission , spoke with the Calgary Eyeopener’s David Gray about the plan to bring government-run online gaming to make popular.CEO Bill Robinson said the AGLC was “going out into the market place to see what types of programs exist and would be best for us.” Assuming they see something they like, provincial finance minister Robin Campbell would make the final call.

He noted that people in Alberta are already on online gaming sites from all over the world.They spend between $120 million and $150 million on “grey market sites”, Robinson said.It’s hard to predict how much revenue online gaming would bring the province, but similar programs in B.C. and Manitoba have been successful, Robinson said.Under the current system, the Alberta government takes in $1.6 billion each year from government-run casinos, $300 million of which is turned over to charities, he said.

AGLC has a plan to prevent the addition of online gaming from contributing to Alberta’s existing gambling addition problem.”We would put up a voluntary registration program so if you wish to play, you would register in it, and that registration process would allow us to push out social responsibility messaging to clients,” he said.

“In order to get the message across, much like in our video lottery terminal program where if you play, you have to play within your means.There is no clear timeline for the government to introduce the online gaming site, Robinson said.It will be up to the Alberta Treasury Board and the ministry of finance to approve the proposal.

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