EA Rep May Have Influenced Reddit Mods To Censor Battlefront Critics

An ex-moderator for Reddit is stating that EA offered Star Wars: Battlefront alpha access and other items in exchange for them to delete any negative posts on Reddit.

There are many Star Wars fans that are insanely excited for the release of Star Wars: Battlefront next week, but a major disturbance in the Force may have ruined the mood. A Reddit admin says that an EA representative bribed certain moderators to take down negative posts about Battlefront. Allegedly, moderators were given access to Battlefront’s closed alpha to suppress game criticism, while one other user was given tickets to the Star Wars festival and other perks.

All of this information started coming to light a few days ago all because of a call for new moderators after a Reddit user agreement breach. “There was a representative from EA directing moderators to remove posts and prevent certain links from being posted,” Reddit admin Sporkicide explained. “In exchange, moderators were given perks including alpha access. This had been going on for a while and is completely unacceptable, whether you were personally the moderator to yank the post or not. It appears to have been clear to all moderators what was being asked and what was being provided in return”

Aside from all of these allegations, very few specifics were offered in the initial post. More recently, one of the ex-moderators, Unwanted_Commentary, has started giving details of his own. Unwanted states that he was reporting on his peers, but he became demoded because of the trouble and since been receiving attacks on his character.