SWTORApps – Character API now live!

SWTORApps has some info about their Character API which is now live. You can find all of the details below and check it out for yourself. We gotta say, it looks pretty cool. For a regular player. it really doesn’t do all that much but you can check it out too, if you feel so inclined. The character manager side might be interesting to you. The people who will really benefit from this are the developers. It’s designed as a developer tool. While they are still growing with it, there does seem to be a few things useful you could do with this. They also have ideas planned for the future that would make it more useful to the everyday player, and not just for developers. So stay tuned and we will also keep you updated as things progress.

Have you tried it for yourself? Let us know what you think!

The SWTORApps character API has been launched! If you are a developer and are interested in using our data, please read our Character Manager API post on our forums.


In order for the API to properly function, you must have your users supply you with their SWTORApps API link. In order for this to happen, they must 1) create an account, 2) add characters, 3) enable API access. Here is a link to our forums discussing how to create a character.

Be sure to post about your project on our forums once they are ready so that we may showcase it! Our forums are also a great place for help or feedback. Be sure to check them out!


So you are not a developer, what does this post mean for you? Well, developers need people like yourself to supply them with information for their tools. The easiest way for you to help them is to create an account, add some characters, and be on the lookout for any site or phone app that asks for your SWTORApps API link.

Mentioned on the forums, but worth mentioning here – you as a user have the ability to enable and disable access to each of your character’s information in the API. We built the our site with your privacy in-mind.

Creating characters will also allow for use of different tools that we are developing, so get those characters added!


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