Darth Malgus: A Star Wars Story

Looking to learn more about Darth Malgus? Here’s a fantastic Star Wars Story video from The Scoundrel’s Cantina that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Darth Malgus. These Star Wars stories are the best because they give you so much insight and background into a specific part of Star Wars lore and canon. I’ve been a fan my whole life and I still learn things I didn’t know. This is a great video about one of the most famous Sith Lords of all time.

If you’re a big fan of Darth Malgus, or just a Star Wars fan looking to learn a little more about Malgus, this is the go-to video for fun, facts, life story and history, and much more.

See the video for yourself here:

“In this video we are mixing both the Expanded Universe and the “Official” Star Wars Canon. This is the way we look at the amazing Star Wars story as canon for us.”

So, what do you think now that you’ve seen it? Did you learn something new about Darth Malgus today? If you liked this video, you should also check out others in the series. They are informative, have great music, and always have great cut scenes and the small details other videos of their kind leave out. You will definitely enjoy them and walk away having learned something more about Star Wars.

Music used:

Star Wars The Old Republic

– Deception, The Sith Warrior

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Star Wars The Old Republic

Main Theme

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

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