Star Wars Slot Machines

Generally, science-fiction has always been a thing for many years. However, it was not until Star Wars was released that it blew up in popularity. Nobody would have anticipated the cultural influence it will have back upon its first release. Now, it has gained an army of fans that are very loyal throughout the world.

Bearing in mind that the name Star Wars is associated with a billion-dollar movie franchise, it’s no surprise to see a lot of knock-off products appear on the scene.  

One of the knock-off products appears to be a new online slot game by 777IGT called Star Wars. With what it has to offer, Star Wars definitely does not stick to the film franchise since it throws several peculiar features into the mix.

Weird at Times

It should be known that this game is not a licensedStar Wars product, by no means. This likely explains why it gets a bit peculiar at times.

The overall design and theme of the game take the form of a control panel of a spaceship. Of course, this is mostly as anticipated. The logo for Star Wars looks outrageously out of place, taking the form of a movie design in the 1980s.

Though the values of production of Star Wars are practically high, the game simply appears a bit off in its theme.

Difficult to Compute

Whenever you venture onto the Star Wars reels, things simply get weirder. This is because it is a situation of the expected meeting the unexpected, once again. You will see a red-faced or spider monster for each robot and spaceship you see. The truth is that what is displayed there simply does not make any sense. However, there are several positives to the symbols of the game. For beginners, the symbols with low value have been all reformatted in an eccentric-looking brush metal.

Captain of the Ship

777IGT has a calling card that they install within each game that they develop. That calling card is a jackpot. For those who do not know, almost every game places a single jackpot for you to win. In the StarWars game, it places 3 jackpots.

Major, Mini, and Minor are the jackpots you can spin in the reels of Star Wars. Every single one of those jackpots brings a huge prize pot. Also, every single one of those jackpots is easily determinable as well. This makes the deal much better.

Easy to Use

Luckily, amateur users are going to find this gamequite simple to play with. A basic set of buttons replaces the difficulty of other slot games. Along the screen’s bottom, you will see options such as Bet Max, Spin, Auto Spin, Bet Lines, and Credits. On the other hand, the overall jackpot figures are shown on the top of the screen. Display for display and button for button, it is really easy-to-use for most beginners.

With regards to the bonuses, Star Wars offers free spins and wilds that you can utilize. However, there’s nothing beyond that.