Best star wars board games

Star Wars characters always continue to keep occupying our minds due to the excellent star war board games which have been around for quite a while.

Complex strategies and decision making keeps you addicted to these board games and helps you in exploring the span of universe.

Individuals interested in exploring Star Wars Universe can check out these 4 most played star wars board games.

Star Wars: Rebellion

This game allows upto two to four players andengages in a highly entertaining battle between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. Whether you are on either side, players need to emerge victorious in Galactic Civil War. The conditions to be successful for both sides are not the same and different tactics are needed to be deployed to defeat the opponent.

Players control troop movements, starships and systems to defeat the opposite army, Galactic Empire have authority over legions of Stormtroopers, swarms of TIEs, Star Destroyers and the Death Star. The emperor rule is enforced by driving fear across the galaxy. Rebels are need to be defeated in order to win the game.

When playing as Rebel, you have power over dozens of troopers, T-47 airspeeders, Corellian corvettes, and fighter squadrons. Rebels are no match to Imperial military but you can defeat them by joining hands with other planets and carry out targeted strikes.

Monopoly: Star Wars

Listening to the word Monopoly gives goosebumps as this game is forever exciting and a great leisure activity. Theconcept is applied in Star Wars as you can maneuver your strategy by trading property in galaxy. If someone lands on your planet or you do so, the rent has to be paid. As you build up your planets either you are Rebellion or on Emperor side, the one with most planets in the end will be declared winner of the game. To help your way to victory, powerful force cards needs to be deployed.

Star Wars: Armada

Be ready to battle in the sea as a Fleet Admiral of your Ship. It’s upon you to be on the side of Emperor or Rebellions. Fleet needs to be assembled to engage the opponents, and begin the battle. With the help of maneuver tool, capital ships are moved in the battlefield while avoiding starfighters squadrons roaming around.

As the ships come face to face, there will be tactical commands that needs to be given by the players to defeat the enemies and maintain power over the planet. As number of planets in possession will increase, the ruler of Galaxy will be determined and subsequently the winner of the game.

Imperial Assault

One of the best star war board game available in the market. Two distinct games are played simultaneously, one along battlefield and second make adventures in the star universe. Two to five players are able to play and they engage in making strategies and tactical combats.

The theme is same which revolves around battle of power between Rebellions and Galactic Empire. The players also have to overcome different skirmishes missions which they face along the course of the game. These missions make players go head to head in tactical combats and a strong strikeforce is required to defeat the enemy.