No, Disney is not selling the Star Wars franchise

In the midst of swirling online rumors and speculation, one claim has risen to the surface: Disney, the entertainment giant and current rights holder to the Star Wars franchise, is reportedly considering selling the beloved space opera back to its original creator, George Lucas. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that these rumors are unfounded.

These rumors stem from recent fan theories that emerged as Disney began cutting content from its streaming platform, Disney+, and implementing mass layoffs due to its financial situation. It’s true that the Walt Disney Company (WDC) is grappling with a net debt of $39.9 billion. However, the theory that Disney’s next move is to sell the Star Wars IP is purely speculative and based on conjecture rather than concrete evidence.

The conjecture was fueled further by a Twitter user who suggested that Disney aims to sell Star Wars back to George Lucas to pay off its debt or facilitate the acquisition of the remaining stake in Hulu. This claim, however, was quickly challenged by other Twitter users, who pointed out that Disney’s current actions are likely aimed at strengthening their balance sheet for the Hulu acquisition, not to sell off valuable properties like Lucasfilm or a Theme Park.

In reality, the Star Wars franchise holds immense value for Disney. Despite some claims that the franchise has lost its luster, Star Wars remains the third highest-grossing media franchise of all time. It surpasses even the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter in this regard, trailing only Mickey Mouse & Friends and Pokemon.

Moreover, despite the financial challenges, Disney’s theme parks are generating more revenue than ever, and the company has consistently increased its profits since Bob Iger assumed the role of CEO. These factors strongly suggest that Disney is unlikely to part ways with such a profitable franchise.

While the entertainment industry is no stranger to surprising business moves, the sale of the Star Wars franchise by Disney appears to be more fiction than fact. Based on current evidence, it’s safe to conclude that the Star Wars galaxy will continue to reside under the Disney umbrella for the foreseeable future.