Star Wars Outlaws: Filling the Void Left by Star Wars 1313

Star Wars Outlaws: Filling the Void Left by Star Wars 1313

“Star Wars Outlaws,” Ubisoft’s upcoming title, is poised to explore the darker, grittier side of the Star Wars universe, a theme that has been largely unexplored in video games. This new venture is particularly significant as it revives the spirit of the canceled “Star Wars 1313,” a game that promised to delve into the criminal underworld of the galaxy but never saw the light of day.

The Legacy of Star Wars 1313

  • Initial Reveal: Revealed at Gamescom 2012, “Star Wars 1313” was a gritty take on the franchise, focusing on a young Boba Fett navigating Coruscant’s underworld.
  • Cancellation: Despite generating significant interest, “1313” was canceled less than a year after its announcement, leaving fans longing for what could have been.
  • Gameplay Vision: The game appeared to offer an “Uncharted”-esque experience, emphasizing physicality and bounty hunter tools, reminiscent of the 2002 “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.”

Star Wars Outlaws: A New Hope

  • Ubisoft’s Announcement: About a decade after “1313’s” reveal, Ubisoft announced “Star Wars Outlaws,” a game that shares thematic elements with “1313” but promises a broader scope.
  • Role-Playing as an Intergalactic Criminal: “Outlaws” focuses on Kay Vess, a scoundrel aiming to pull off a massive heist in the Outer Rim, offering players a chance to experience life in the Star Wars underworld.

Exploring the Criminal Underworld

  • Uncharted Territory: The criminal underworld is a relatively unexplored aspect of the Star Wars universe in gaming, with only comics like “Doctor Aphra” and shows like “Andor” providing glimpses.
  • Open-World and Factions System: “Outlaws” combines Ubisoft’s open-world style with a factions system, allowing players to manage Kay’s reputation with various syndicates, impacting the story and available jobs.

The Distinction Between Outlaws and 1313

  • Scope and Setting: While “1313” was focused on Coruscant, “Outlaws” aims to provide a vast universe for exploration, utilizing the rich tapestry of Star Wars’ planets and aliens.
  • Technological Advancements: The last decade’s technological progress may have been necessary to fully realize the vision of a game like “1313,” with “Outlaws” potentially fulfilling this long-held desire.

The Exciting Prospect of Star Wars Outlaws


Star Wars Outlaws” represents a new chapter in Star Wars gaming, one that promises to explore the gritty and vibrant underworld of the galaxy. Filling the void left by “Star Wars 1313,” “Outlaws” has the potential to be a groundbreaking title, offering fans a long-awaited dive into the darker side of Star Wars. As anticipation builds for its 2024 release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, “Outlaws” stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and vast potential of the Star Wars universe in gaming.