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SWTOR Game Update 6.1.2 patch notes

Here are the patch notes for Star Wars: The old republic Game Update 6.1.2 Game Update 6.1.2 Highlights Nature of Progress: Master Mode Difficulty – Master Mode difficulty has been added to the Nature of Progress Operation on Dxun! With this increased difficulty comes new challenges, but those skilled enough to beat them can get new and powerful rewards. New In-game Event: All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally – This new recurring in-game event will take place on Dantooine, Tatooine, and Onderon as players take on swoop challenges unique to each planet. New Daily Missions, rewards, and more! This event will initially run from June 30th – July 7th. Nar Shaddaa Nightlife – The Nightlife event returns with new Missions and rewards! Get your credits ready for July 14th – August 11th. Ranked PvP Season 12 – Season 12 of Ranked PvP has come to a close. New rewards can be found at Giradda the…

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SWTOR Game Update 6.1.1 patch notes

Here are the patch notes for Star Wars: The old republic – game update 6.1.1 Highlights Conquest – Several quality of life changes have been made to the Conquest system. Our goal with these changes is to make Personal Conquests relevant to all character levels, not just those at end game content. Personal Conquest objectives are now split into three level ranges, each offering different and more relevant objectives/rewards.  Personal Conquest objectives now have a shortcut to pick up the relevant mission, open the relevant window directly, or open the galaxy map when applicable. Many additional objectives have been added to each Personal Conquest, offering more ways to achieve Personal Conquest goals on more characters. Double XP Event – Starting April 21st and lasting until May 19th, there will be a month-long Double XP event! Enjoy a full month of Double XP, Valor, Renown, and more. Cartel Market The Xoxaan’s Armor Set’s description in…

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SWTOR Game Update 6.1a

Here are the patch notes for Star Wars: The old republic – game update 6.1A The starting area of Korriban no longer has a floating platform. Republic players on the Mission “The Task at Hand” will find it much more clear where they need to find General Daeruun. Players who qualified for the 5-year Distinguished Veteran Reward: Galactic Alliance Statue will find a new make-good decoration in their mailbox. Corrected an issue which caused some items to have an Ossus Reputation requirement to equip. Corrected an issue where Operation broadcast messages would not display in some circumstances. Darth Malgus will no longer show up as “Darth Malgus Unhooded” in the subtitles of the final cinematic of Onslaught. Join the forum discussion on this post

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SWTOR Maintenance: November 21st, 2019

The SWTOR Servers will be shot down for maintenance and deployment of a new patch. Se patch notes below: Details:DATE: November 21 2019TIME: 6:00AM – 8:00AM PDT (1400 – 1600 GMT)VERSION: 6.0.1a RE-1 no longer lists a vendor sale price since it cannot be sold. Corrected an issue in Story Mode Operations where a player can cause their stats to become much higher than intended. Updated the refresh rate on the User Interface which was causing issues such as the UI not properly displaying when an ability is usable. Join the forum discussion on this post

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Star Wars Battlefront II – Oct 30th Patch – Release Notes

DICE have a small patch arriving this week which aims to address several issues that appeared after last week’s Another Night on Endor Update. The primary fix focuses around an issue that was causing consoles to run out of memory and subsequently result in a game crash. They also have a fix for an issue that was causing servers to crash while playing Co-Op. The guys over at DICE understand that both of these crashes were frustrating and They thank us for our patience while they worked to get a patch released. Within the patch the DICE team also have a number of issues that have been fixed, mostly relating to Co-Op. Check it out: Release Notes: Fixed various issues that were causing memory crashes across all platforms. Fixed an issue that was causing a server crash when playing Co-Op. Fixed an issue where the timer would not correctly show…

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SWTOR patch notes: game update 5.10.4

SWTOR Defender of Alderaan

Here are the patch notes for game update 5.10.4 Highlights Free-to-play and Preferred Status changes – More hotbars, increased credit caps, unlimited medical probes, and unlimited quick travel for all F2P and Preferred status players! ????? – There are reports of mysterious observers being spotted around the Odessen base… General Players can now move items within Guild Banks as intended. The fog of war has been lifted on Balmorra; Imperial and Republic forces will no longer appear to be fighting members of their own faction. Reduced the respawn timer for a number of the items required for the Dantooinian Culinarian Achievement. A Conqueror of Dantooine Achievement has been added. Imperial guard turrets on Ossus will no longer appear to hover above the ground. All turrets also now have stealth detection. The Achievement for defeating Izax on Master Mode difficulty now properly awards the Master Mode Trophy (was previously rewarding the Veteran Trophy)….

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Star Wars: Battelfront 2 patch notes june 26

Star Wars Battelfront 2 patch notes june 26

Here are the patch notes for tomorrows Game update in Star Wars: Battlefront. DROIDEKAS Arriving this week will be one of the most requested additions to Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II, the Droideka. One of the most feared droids finally joins the Separatist army, wielding twin blasters and personal deflector shield generators, making them a formidable foe for anyone that faces off against them in combat. Destructive weaponry and a powerful shield aren’t their only characteristics, as the ability to transform and swiftly relocate has become synonymous with the Droideka. TX-130 The TX-130 will provide the Galactic Republic with an armored fighting vehicle that is both quick and defensive. The speed allows the TX-130 to enter into battle, deal damage, and then make its escape; a great balance between agility and power. NABOO JOINS CAPITAL SUPREMACY This month we’re bringing Capital Supremacy to Naboo. The conflict has spread to the capital…

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SWTOR: Game Update 5.10.3: The Dantooine Incursion

swtor rich fat cat

Here are the patch notes for Star Wars: The old republic Game Update 5.10.3: The Dantooine Incursion. Check it out: Game Update 5.10.3: The Dantooine Incursion Highlights New Planet: Dantooine – With the renewed war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the remote planet of Dantooine has become the next stage in this growing conflict. New In-game Event: The Pirate Incursion – This new recurring in-game event will take place on Dantooine as the Republic, Empire, and Nova Blade pirates vie for control of the planet. New Daily and Heroic Missions, new rewards, and more! This event will run twice from June 4th – June 11th and again from June 11th – June 18th. After that it will be a standard recurring event. New Planetary Transitions – Alderaan, Corellia, Hoth, Korriban, Tython and many more planets have had their arrivals updated. Travel the galaxy in your favorite starship and see these planets like never…

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SWTOR: Game Update 5.10.2: Heralds of Victory Patch notes

Game Update 5.10.2 “Heralds of Victory” is Live

Here are the SWTOR Patch Notes for game update 5.10.2 that was deployed today: Highlights Guild Heraldry – Guild features continue to expand with the addition of Guild Heraldry! Each guild can create their own unique emblem to represent them throughout the game. Join your most trusted allies and make your mark on the galaxy! Preview Window Refactor – The in-game Preview Window has been dramatically improved – weapon, armor, and mount previews are all better than ever before. Plus, now you can also check out emotes, moods, and rest-and-recharge abilities! The Double XP Event Returns! – Gain double Experience, Command Experience, and more from April 16th through April 23rd. General Guild Experience earned from Conquests has been increased by 50% (3 GXP per Conquest point, up from 2). The pop-up text when auto-completing the story to reach Ossus has been updated to be more clear on how it impacts the player. Players…

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SWTOR Game Update 5.10.1 Patch Notes

swtor The Wretched Hive

Here are the patchnotes for SWTOR Game update 5.10.1: The Wretched Hive . Check it out: Highlights Geonosian Queen Lair Boss – The Sith Empire’s ruthless assault on the Jedi colony on Ossus began with Darth Malora, who created her own breed of mutated Geonosian warriors to use as shock troops for the attack. But before she created her insectoid army, Malora first had to create their master and originator. Left unguarded and unsupervised, this mutated Geonosian Queen is now unleashing countless waves of her monstrous spawn to dominate the planet’s surface! Ranked PvP Season 10 – This update marks the end of Season 10! This also marks the beginning of Season 11’s pre-season. Players will receive any seasonal rewards via in-game mail when Season 11 begins in a few weeks. Masterwork Weapons – Players can expand their arsenal with new masterwork weapons, these can be crafted with materials acquired from the Geonosian…

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