SWTOR Patch notes – Game update 7.0.2

Here are the latest patchnotes for Star Wars The old republic. Patch 7.0.2 was released today 26-04-2022. Check them out below:


  • Weapons in Outfitter – The new customization functionality is now live! You can now have one weapon (or weapons for dual-wielding combat styles) equipped which will determine the stats applied to your character, and stamp the appearance of another weapon of the same type via Outfitter. More information here.
  • Double XP Event – Starting May 3rd (12:00 UTC) and lasting until May 10th (12:00 UTC) there will be a week-long Double XP Event! Enjoy a full week of Double XP and Valor.


  • The following currencies have been renamed to clarify what content the currencies are related to:
    • Medal of Commendation is now Conquest Commendation
    • Aquatic Resource Matrix is now Daily Resource Matrix
    • Hazardous Matter Catalyst is now OP-1 Catalyst
    • Thyrsian Production Accelerant is now WZ-1 Accelerant
    • Decurion Isotope Stabilizer is now FP-1 Stabilizer
  • Currency is no longer lost when opening a currency lockbox while the player is at the Weekly cap.
  • Currency icons no longer appear dimmed when the Inventory window is reopened while the Materials window is active.
  • Fixed an issue where companions were missing attacks, taunts and heals, as well as some of their stats.
  • It is no longer possible to claim Guest Companions’ gear once they become unavailable.
  • Updated the Companion icons in the Legacy “Global Unlocks” to match the other icons size.
  • Updated the description of the following Companion’s effects to remove the Strength, Aim, Willpower, and Cunning mentions as those no longer exist:
    • Mark of Power
    • Force Valor
  • The compact option in the inventory window is now correctly working.
  • The comparison pop-up is now correctly displayed when hovering on gear from the inventory.
  • There is now a clear distinction between locked and unlocked Utilities in the Character Sheet window.
  • Fixed a few typos across the game.
  • Fixed sound effect issues on several buttons across the game.
  • The zoom in/out and rotation buttons no longer appear on the “Origin” screen as this option is not available on this screen.
  • Slugfall Cantina on Mek’Sha is now a rest area.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Manaan from appearing in the ship arrival scene for the Invasion Zone destination.
  • The Ability icons in the Loadout tab no longer light up when selected, as intended.
  • Discipline names no longer overlap with the item ratings.
  • Improved the readability of the Item Recovery number from the Inventory window of the Character Sheet.
  • Added the “details” button to the Companion tab in the Character Sheet window.
  • Emotes window now correctly displays a list of locked and unlocked emotes when redeeming an emote from the Inventory window while the Emotes window is opened.
  • Healing Ability tooltips are now correctly updated based on the level scaling.
  • Dragging an unbound weapon into an occupied off-hand slot no longer automatically equips the weapon to the main-hand.
  • Fixed the issue where the armor values were sometimes incorrect when shifting the level of a player. This occurred if the player was being shifted to an item rating that did not exist for the quality of the item they were wearing.
  • The Damage value shown in the character sheet is no longer displaying higher than intended. Players will notice the value has been reduced by roughly half, this is only a display change and has no impact on the damage they deal.

Cartel Market

  • Claiming Darth Vindican’s Lightsaber from Collections or purchasing it from the Cartel Market now correctly gives the Lightsaber instead of the Dualsaber.
  • Fixed the names of the following Advanced Mystic Hazel Color Crystals on the Cartel Market to match the item names:
    • Advanced Mystic Hazel Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Mystic Hazel Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Mystic Hazel War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced Mystic Hazel Hawkeye Crystal

Items + Economy

Combat Styles


  • The Ability window is no longer overlapping with the Ability Tree after opening the Combat Style window and alternating between the Abilities tab and Ability Tree tab.

Combat Styles Changes





  • Fixed an issue with the Blade of the Elements Tactical where the critical hit chance bonus wasn’t correctly being applied when building Clairvoyance with Whirling Blow.



  • Keeper of Peace now correctly consumes Conveyance.
  • Keeper of Peace now heals the lowest health target within its AoE range.


  • Center Point – When the AoE damage is triggered it no longer hits the primary target twice.
  • Returning Light – Sever Force triggers Returning Light when it ticks. Rate limit reduced to 3 seconds (from 5 seconds).



  • Eternal Torment – When the AoE damage is triggered it no longer hits the primary target twice.
  • Creeping End – Creeping Terror triggers Creeping End when it ticks. Rate limit reduced to 3 seconds (from 5 seconds).


  • Rally now correctly consumes Force Bending.
  • Rally now heals the lowest health target within its AoE range.


  • Fixed a discrepancy between Marauder and Sentinel Ability Tree with a mod related to Rebuke / Cloak of Pain.



  • Fixed the issue where Immortal Juggernaut did not receive damage reduction after activating Retaliation.


  • Tactical Armor and Infused Kolto Packs stacks can no longer be clicked off.

Shield Specialist

  • Pulse Cannon now does all ticks of damage.


  • Kill Zone – When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.
  • Ricochet Rounds – When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.



  • Energy Yield and Energy Heal stacks can no longer be clicked off.


  • Open Flame – When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.

Advanced Prototype

  • Heat Zone – When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.
  • Retracted Refresh – When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.



  • Pugnacity now correctly applies a +20% crit damage buff.




  • Fixed an issue with the “Aim Assist” Ability mod so it properly gives the correct critical hit chance bonus.



  • Stim Boost now correctly applies a +20% crit damage buff.


  • It is no longer possible to craft Nightmare Fury Crystal.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the creation of GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark II.



  • Reduced the health and damage for all enemies of the following Flashpoints:
  • Reduced the health of all enemies in Spirit of Vengeance (Solo Mode)
  • Completing any Activity Finder Flashpoint now correctly grants 2 points towards “Technological Advancements” Mission.
  • The German description of the Ranked Arenas in the Activity Finder is now correctly displayed.


Directive 7

The Esseles

Ruins of Nul

  • Sa’har’s collar is no longer clipping through the neck during the cinematics of Ruins of Nul Flashpoint.
  • Fixed the visual issue on Apex Ranphyx’s teeth and horns during the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint.



  • The description of the [WEEKLY] The Nature of Progress (Story and Veteran Mode) now correctly shows the complete list of required bosses to complete the Mission.
  • OEM-37 has been removed from Operations drops and Missions.
  • Rewards have been adjusted throughout Operations to be more balanced. The new Tech Fragments values per boss are listed below. More information in this forum post.
    • Story Mode Operations
      • Boss 1: 150 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 2: 300 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 3: 500 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 4: 500 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 5: 550 Tech Fragments
      • Total: 2000 Tech Fragments
    • Veteran Mode Operations
      • Boss 1: 200 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 2: 450 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 3: 600 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 4: 600 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 5: 650 Tech Fragments
      • Total: 2500 Tech Fragments
    • Master Mode Operations
      • Boss 1: 225 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 2: 450 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 3: 750 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 4: 750 Tech Fragments
      • Boss 5: 825 Tech Fragments
      • Total: 3000 Tech Fragments


Scum and Villainy

Missions + NPCs

  • Changes to rewards for PvP, GSF, and Operations have been made. More information in this forum post.
  • Broonmark is no longer hostile to Republic players during the Alliance Alert “The Last of His Kind”.
  • Elite Droid enemies are no longer spawning during the Regnant encounter in the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint – Solo and Story Mode.
  • Rebalanced the Purifier Droids encounter in Chapter IV: Where Dreams Die – Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Players are now teleported to the Odessen’s Alliance Camp Headquarters after defeating Aries in Chapter V: Ascension – Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • The dialogue line in the cinematic for converting Tech Fragments now mentions the correct amount of Tech Fragments required.
  • Player characters with Scoundrel or Powertech as the active combat style no longer draw an invisible weapon in the cinematics of “Eve of Destruction” Mission.
  • Player characters with Assassin as the active combat style now correctly use a dualsaber during the following cinematics:
    • Mashallon encounter in “To Kill a Legend” Mission.
    • Overseer Tremer encounter in “A New Master” Mission.
  • Mission Rewards in the Activity Finder window no longer overlap each other when there are Provided rewards and Selected rewards.
  • Fixed Colonel Gallo’s position during the “Rig the First Emplacement” step of “Dead in the Water” Mission – Republic side.
  • An invisible Ephemeris has been removed from the Ephemeris encounter in the Star Fortress – Story Mode.
  • The camera shake no longer persists during the final cinematic of Echoes of Oblivion Mission.
  • Koth’s Crew is no longer hanging out on the Gravestone before being recruited in Chapter IV: The Gravestone – Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Arenas + Warzones

  • /stuck command can now be used in PvP Arenas and Warzones.
  • Level Shift is now correctly scaling gear down in PvP matches.
  • The following Missions now allow progress on loss (Wins will count 3x):
    • [DAILY] March Them Down
    • [DAILY] No Quarter
    • [DAILY] United We Stand
    • [DAILY] Zero Tolerance
    • [WEEKLY] Conspicuous Valor
    • [WEEKLY] The Spoils of War
    • [WEEKLY] The War Front
  • RPM-13 has been removed from Group Ranked Daily and Weekly Missions.
  • [WEEKLY] A Surprising Offer Missions have been removed from the Fleets.
  • Improved Unranked Weekly Mission Rewards for [WEEKLY] Conspicuous Valor and [WEEKLY] The Spoils of War:
    • WZ-1 Accelerants are now 110 (up from 55)
    • Tech Fragments are now 1500 (up from 450)
    • Daily Matrices are now 20 (up from 8)
  • Improved Unranked Daily Mission Rewards for [DAILY] March Them Down and [DAILY] No Quarter:
    • Tech Fragments are now 150 (up from 75)
  • Reduced Ranked Weekly Rewards:
    • Tech Fragments from [WEEKLY] Go Berserk! has been reduced to 1750 (down from 2000)
  • Changes made to Galactic Starfighter rewards:
  • The cost of OEM-37 and RPM-13 on the Spoils of War vendor has been reduced to 4,000 (down from 10,000).
    • The required OEM-37 and RPM-13 to create a CM-1337 has been reduced to 5 OEM-37 and 5 RPM-13 (down from 7 OEM-37 and 14 RPM-13).


Galactic Seasons