LucasArts Promising Better Star Wars Games

LucasArts is promising fans they will stay true to form and create better Star Wars games. This couldn’t come at a better time as SWTOR fans are super pumped about the new MMO. But technically, TOR is not even a LucasArts game but a BioWare game. It’s been some time since LucasArts created a great Star Wars title in-house and fans are happy to hear that the company wants to turn that around.
Paul Meegan LucasArts main man
The new president of LucasArts, Paul Meegan stated that he wants LucasArts to be known once again as a decent game developer and his plan to do so is to focus on top-quality Star Wars game titles. In his first interview since becoming president of LucasArts almost a year ago, he talks about what he wants from the future of LucasArts.
“LucasArts is a company with tremendous potential,” Meegan said. “I think people look at it and wonder why it hasn’t done better in recent years.
He also says, “Our priority is to create authentic, immersive, high quality Star Wars games.”
Most of us are agreeing with you buddy. We can’t wait to see what new titles LucasArts may be coming out with, especially since they recently purchased the license to Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine . Maybe we will see the rumors of a Republic Commando sequel come true or maybe we will see the return of some oldie-but-goodie titles revamped with the new technology.
Do you think they may release any new or expected titles at E3? Here’s hoping…