Consolidated Bugs Update

swtor friends

Amber Green posted 5 updated on the forums regarding know bugs. I’m not sure if this is new bugs found after the patch today, or theese are older bugs that the team just want’s to let us know that they are aware of. It’s good that they communicating this stuff out the the players though. Check out all 5 posts below:

Post 1

Achievement Tracking Permanmently Stuck | 07.16.2013, 08:57 AM

Hello folks!

Thanks again for your patience while this issue has been researched on our side. We’ve discovered a solution for those Achievements that are stuck in the tracker, and we’d like to be sure that we don’t miss any!

Currently, we’ve got Javaal Fleet Action Mastery and Saleucami Fleet Action Mastery as being stuck. Please post here if you have any additional Achievements that are stuck in your tracker so that we can be sure they get fixed too!

(PS: Your reports about Javaal Fleet Action are related to the same bug)

Post 2

Jump is still broken | 07.16.2013, 09:15 AM

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your reports a with regards to jumping animation still having issues after using a vehicle or unsheathing some weapons. For now, we’ve removed the patch note and are sorry for the inconvenience!

When there’s more information with regards to a fix for this issue, we’ll get it posted.

Post 3

[BUG] Missing target indicator in warzones | 07.16.2013, 09:25 AM

Hi folks,

We’ve been seeing reports of this nature and are investigating them.

To assist, can you please double check your UI preferences on the affected characters and compare them to those that do not have the issue? There may be a bug with one of the toggles, for instance.

Additionally, it appears that this only happens after an area transition (such as into a Warzone or Flashpoint), but we’d like to hear any additional details you can provide. For instance, does the arrow come back after you leave the instance?

Any other details would be appreciated. Thank you.

Post 4

Bioware: Thank you for fixing Ashara Zavros | 07.16.2013, 10:30 AM

Hello folks,

We’ve been pretty quiet about this since Game Update 2.2.2 went live, and the reason is because I was tracking down exactly what we did and why the change for Ashara got missed!

Essentially, we got the note about Jorgan’s fur, but the full extent of the change/fix was not properly captured. However, the Patch Notes have been updated now to correctly reflect that he, Ashara, and over a dozen other companions will now appear properly. The note is:

The following Companion Characters will now have their skin/fur appear consistent when not wearing armor:

  • Akaavi Spar
  • Aric Jorgan
  • Ashara Zavros
  • Gault
  • Guss Tuno
  • Kaliyo
  • Lord Scourge
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • Skadge
  • Tanno Vik
  • Vette
  • Xalek
  • Yuun
  • Zenith

This update has been in the works for quite some time, and it was prompted by player feedback. At the time, it was mostly about Ashara, so it’s not shocking that you guys noticed the change with her. (Why aren’t you putting Vik into the skimpy stuff, eh?!)

Thanks very much for the original feedback and for pointing out the error in the patch notes!

Post 5

PVP Lockout | 07.16.2013, 10:40 AM

Hi Wade,

Sorry to hear that your friend is hitting this issue. It’s not common, but we’ve seen some instances of it (I’ve had it happen to me, actually) recently. Right now, the bug is fixed and slated deploy with Game Update 2.2.3 if all goes well while it’s in testing.

While this worked for me, we would be interested to see if the following workaround helps your friend as well! While stuck in the queue, have your friend restart the client and then he should regroup with you (or whoever he was grouped with before). Then, join the queue as a group and then leave it. It will then reset his Warzone state for him, and he will no longer be “stuck”.

Thanks for your understanding!