TOR Radio : A galaxy of podcasts

TOR Radio is back with the latest and greatest SWToR podcasts from across the community. With the imminent release of Patch 3.0 a lot of podcasts are focusing on upcoming changes and various community news. It’s certainly encouraging to see new SWToR community podcasts launching like “HOPE cast” and “Beyond the Stars” listed below.


1. Bad feeling podcast – Episode 42 (Released: Nov.24,2014) : Even though the crew of the podcast took of this week due to Thanksgiving but still managed to publish a “best of” podcast.

2. Star Wars Beyond the Stars – Episode 12 (Released: Nov.15,2014) : This week the show hit a little snag in our editing process so the show is coming out pretty late in the week. “Beyond the stars” discussed quite a few interesting things in this week’s off topic rants.

3. Corellian Run Radio – Special Episode (Released: Nov.24,2014) : Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode we are joined by fellow SWTOR Community member SWTORista. She and Heather both were in attendance at the EA Press Event 2014 for Shadow of Revan. Besides learning how the event went, we also have the Q&A recorded in its entirety. Sit back and enjoy this special episode!

4. Enmity Podcast – Episode 49 (Released: Nov.24, 2014) : Join the host of the podcast as they discuss this week’s Live Stream Highlights, Community News and how to Train a New Tank

5. Heal to Full Podcast (Released: Nov.28, 2014): Picking a 3.0 healing class. The 3.0 patch is speeding to release and we all have to get comfortable with the idea that nerfs and class re-balances are coming. The host has some thoughts on how you can decide which healing class can be your new main and what we can do to fight the nerf bat.

6. HOPE cast – Episode 3 (Released Nov.24, 2014) : BioWare, Tell Me a Story. Join Vyrigan, Scya, and Acies in this [NO Spoiler] episode where we discuss class story leveling and some of our likes and dislikes. Plus, Vyrigan tries to stop making disciples and start learning more about the new Disciplines system. And at the Coruscant Courier Service, numbers are down, prompting a visit from the Corporate Office.

7. OotiniCast – Episode 177 (Released Nov.28, 2014) : In the news this week the show focuses on EA’s Shadow of Revan press event and the Knight/Marauder and Guardian/Juggernaut dev blogs and livestream. Then in their discussion, the topic is getting ready for Game Update 3.0, with early access starting next week!

8. TOROCast – Episode 221 (Released: Nov.27, 2014): On this week’s show, Road sacrifices himself to Dragon Age, but Mae and Miner are here to pick up the slack! In this episode, we ask, “What bugs would YOU like to see fixed?” and Mae’s “This week on Reddit” leaves Road very impressed. Things get Bi-Furious.

9. SWToR Escape Pod Cast – Episode 66 (Released : Nov.27, 2014): This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-66 just scratch the surface on the details of some of the class changes we will see next week in 3.0. They cover Merc, Madness Sorc, Sorc/Sage Healing and touch on Assassin and PT/Vanguard. They also cover news for the week from SWTOR in general and from their guild, Alea Iacta Est.

10. Old Republic Radio – Episode 88 (Released: Nov.25, 2014): The crew discuss the latest live stream, taking a break from conquests, and more information about commendations with 3.0. It’s an episode about Sentinels and Guardians… there may be a few tangents.