SWTOR Patch 3.3 PTS Update Notes

Thanks to the outfit designer, you can make some pretty awesome outfits with Junk items

Here are today’s PTS patch notes. This will be the final updates to the 3.3 PTS.

PTS Update – June 26th, 2015 | 06.25.2015, 08:06 PM

Hey folks!
We are going to be doing a final update to the PTS tomorrow, 6/26. I’m aiming to get things kicked off around 930AM CDT.
In the meantime, here are the changes coming:

Jedi Consular


Sith Inquisitor


  • The Consuming Darkness effect of Force Surge has been expanded: Using Consuming Darkness with a charge of Force Surge does not make you Weary.


  • Thundering Blast now has a travel time to match the Turbulence ability of the Telekinetics Sage.


  • Medals for Arenas (this change does not affect Warzones) have been adjusted to better reward characters that engage in meaningful participation for their role. In addition, the kill amounts were reduced to better reflect the content.
    • Soldier Medal now requires 4 kills, down from 10.
    • Commando Medal now requires 8 kills, down from 25.
    • Healer Medal now requires 150,000 healing, up from 90,000.
    • Savior Medal now requires 650,000 healing, up from 360,000.
    • Protector Medal now requires 150,000 protection, up from 60,000.