Star Wars Battlefront III Build 70217 360 Release

Many Bothans died to bring us this information. But seriously, someone got their hands on the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III build and released it. We don’t know how to he did it. We’re not even going to ask. But it’s definitely interesting. The poster claims he’s not even a Star Wars fan but he just likes prototype games like this.

A couple of days ago, 4chan user ProtoFaggot posted a development build of the game to /v/, 4chan’s video game board. He’s also posted this on /r/StarWarsBattlefront. We’re including the post in full to you below.

Here’s the post in full with current edits:

  • “EDIT 7 (making a lot of these)
  • MD5 Checksum 4D00C73122B99F26FBAA4C1FCB9DFCD4
  • SHA1 Checksum AF5EED4CDD2E57AC14AD71FD66CBA42368658956
  • If you wish to talk to me, please go to here: I say this because I’m not the most used to reddit.
  • Because it seems people cant read, look for the links elsewhere, there is no password on the links, the links have decryption keys in them (Mega standard links) so if you’re finding links without a decryption key then move on because there’s plenty of other places it’s been posted. There is no password on the RAR file. If there is, someone else has done so. If you want the torrent, the same applies. It’s out there, you can find it.
  • The links were removed per request of Moderators, in order to have this post stay up.
  • The file is a 5.57GB RAR file on Mega. If it is not that size it is not the version I uploaded. If the RAR file doesn’t look like this once opened then it has been reuploaded by someone else:

Hi all, first and foremost I am not much of a Star Wars fan, but I do take interest in prototype games and this is no exception I want to apologize for my name, as it was the name given to me from 4chan to ensure they know who I am when I post this.

After a lot of work I managed to get my hands on Star Wars Battlefront III and wanted to share the infamous cancelled game that I’m sure many of you wanted to play. I know not everyone will get the chance to play this immediately, but over time I expect the modding community to be able to change that.

The game build works on Xbox 360 Development kits, XNA kits, Test kits, and any 360 that can use RGLoader (which makes it be treated like a Development kit) so if your 360 is modded you can get it working via RGLoader.

Some important notes -Xenia the 360 emulator will crash if you use it. It may work in the future but for now it does not. -Default.xex and bf_gold.xenon.xex act the same as far as I can tell but I’m likely wrong. -When booting you’ll get a purple screen. It’s cool just hit the Start button and wait a moment and you’ll get to the title screen. -Expect poor framerate. -Expect bugs. -Expect crashes/freezing. -Expect anything I didn’t list here.

Here’s a screenshot of the build’s titlescreen once loaded:

I have made both a Mega upload and a torrent for this build. I would prefer you use the Mega link unless you wish to use the torrent to seed. I will not be uploading the game to Mega again after it’s been removed (if it will be), so once the link is down there use the torrent.

I hope you all have a nice time with this, some may be mad at me but the story behind this build is a disaster and not releasing it will cause more issues than anything else.

Sincerely – ProtoFaggot”

The OP is posting gameplay webms in the 4chan thread. The links will expire eventually but if you catch it in time, you can see for yourself.

The game is definitely very unfinished but just as the OP said, it looks like a dedicated team of modders could really finalize this. What are your thoughts?

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