SWTOR: Conquest Changes in Game Update 5.9

As a follow up on the revamp of the Conquest system we got with SWTOR Game Update 5.8, The Bioware team will continue to make changes to it. So today Eric Musco took on the forums informing what we can expect with game update 5.9


Hey folks,

With the 5.8a Conquest changes out the door, let’s talk about what we have planned for 5.9. We hope to address concerns over the viability of completing Conquests on alts, points for crafting, and ability to run Operations more frequently. We are going to address this through a few different changes:

  • Increasing points gains for Objectives for repeatable and daily repeatable Objectives.
  • An additional buff for GSF, Warzone, and Flashpoint Participation Objectives.
    • The “Play a Flashpoint” Objective is being changed to “Play a Flashpoint or Uprising.”
  • The “Kill X Enemies” Daily Objective will now be split into three Objectives. Kill 50 / 100 / 150. Additionally, progress on this Objective will not reset everyday (if you killed 40 enemies, it won’t reset back to 0).
  • We are going to introduce a new repeatable Daily Objective for completing 3 and 5 Activity Finder Activities (FP, Op, WZ, GSF, Uprising).
  • We are introducing a new Daily Repeatable Objective to “Defeat the Final Boss in an Operation.”
  • We are introducing a new repeatable Objective for “Craft 50 items.”
    • This Objective gives another path for crafters to earn points and is also a mechanism for characters of any level to participate. We will monitor the number of items required to craft closely and will make changes in the future if it is too high, or too low.

The goal of these changes is that if you complete the bigger value one-time Objectives on a given character, you have a lot more ability to earn points via repeatable Objectives. Not only are there more Objectives to work towards, they are worth more points as well. One of our goals is to encourage that you play multiple types of content and so that will always remain the most optimal path to Conquest points. However, these changes will allow a player to more easily get their Conquest points even if they just play one type of content on repeat.

As always, keep your feedback coming! We will continue to monitor the state of Conquests and make changes as needed. Thanks everyone.

Each Objective falls into one of three categories: Repeatable, Daily Repeatable, and One-time. Inside of each category, there are three point tiers: low, medium and high. Here are the new values (these are base values, without including Stronghold bonus).


  • Low is now 120, up from 85
  • Medium is now 180, up from 130
  • High is now 290, up from 205


  • Low is now 400, up from 330
  • Medium is now 600, up from 500
  • High is now 825, up from 750

Repeatable Objective Changes

  • Complete a Warzone Objective is now worth 180, up from 85
  • Complete a GSF Match Objective is now worth 180, up from 85
  • Complete a FP or Uprising is now worth 290, up from 130

New Objectives

  • The “Kill 50 enemies” Daily Objective will be worth 400 points
  • The “Kill 100 enemies” Daily Objective will be worth 600 points
  • The “Kill 150 enemies” Daily Objective will be worth 825 points
  • The “Complete 3 Activity Finder Activities” Daily Objective will be worth 400 points
  • The “Complete 5 Activity Finder Activities” Daily Objective will be worth 825 points
  • The “Kill the Final Boss of an Operation” Daily Objective will be worth 825 points
  • The “Craft 50 Items” Repeatable Objective will be worth 120 points

PS – Usual disclaimer that these could change prior to 5.9, but I will let you know of any updates I hear.