LucasFilm Games is Hiring

LucasFilm Games is Hiring

Lucasfilm is looking to get back into the games industry. They have posted a list of jobs at Disney Careers. Many of these are positions for Lucasfilm Games.

There are open positions for:

Could this mean a revival of LucasArts? It’s too early to tell right now because it seems like it’s just going to be LucasFilm for games under the existing EA contract.

It’s actually not likely that it’s a revival of LucasArts we we knew it before. Most likely, it’s something else. These are publisher positions, not developer positions, so they are not doing internal games. Instead, they are working on projects already in the EA/Disney umbrella.

Either way, it’s interesting. And if you’re looking for a position in the industry, this could be a great open door for you. I definitely recommend heading over to check it out.

If you’re qualified, maybe you should apply. If you’re in the area (or willing to relocate), this could be a good opportunity for you.

Lisa Clark

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