What are High Volatility Slots?

If you have been playing casino games for a while, or you have started to research a few online casino games and read reviews, you have probably seen the term ‘slot volatility’ and wondered what it means.

Volatility in slot machine games essentially means risk. The risk here is losing money, but as with anything in life, with risk comes reward. High volatility slot machines also tend to be high paying slot machines, and with the increased risk you will often find greatly increased jackpots.

Slot volatility is an indication of whether you will finish your gaming session with an increased bankroll. Slots machines have a range of volatility from low, to medium, to high, and here we are going to discuss high volatility slots and their pros and cons. 

So, What Does Volatility in Slots Mean Exactly?

You can be forgiven for thinking that low-volatility means low risk and so to end up with more winnings, in the long run, you want to stick to these slots. This is not quite the case, however.

High risk, high volatility slot machines are some of the most popular with players. If there are lower-risk options, why would people prefer high-risk slots? The simple answer is the payout. All casino games balance risk with reward, and the lower volatility games often have much smaller payouts that you have to work just as hard for.

High volatility slot machines pay out less frequently, but their jackpots are often huge when compared to low volatility slots. This can make consistent play on high volatility slot machines more profitable than spending the same amount of time playing on low-risk, low volatility machines.

How Does Slot Volatility Relate to RTP Values?

RTP means Return to Player and is usually listed as a percentage in the guide to an online casino game.

Most online casino games operate on a return between 92 and 97 percent, or thereabouts, meaning that over time for every £100 wagered, between £92 and £97 will be returned to the player. Time is an important factor here. This value applies to an unlimited number of spins and doesn’t guarantee a return to a specific player. If you have ever won on a slot machine on one of your early spins, you are getting someone else’s return, as they walked away too soon. This can happen to you too if you decide to walk away from a slot just before it is about to pay out.

High volatility slots tend to have lower RTP values, increasing the risk for the player, but this risk is then offset by the increased jackpot amounts. High volatility slot machines pay out on fewer occasions but pay greater amounts when they do.

Why Choose High Volatility Slots?

Slots with a high volatility have higher risks but are also more thrilling and are faster paced than more sedate and lower risk games.

At this UK casino online, there are a number of high volatility machines that payout huge sums when you win that low volatility machines simply cannot compete with. Low volatility slot games can be useful to ‘warm-up’ before a gaming session or build up your experience of slot machines, but if you want to experience the thrill and suspense that online slot gaming can offer, play high volatility games.

They are usually easy to spot from their bigger jackpots but do make sure you take some time to look at a game’s small print and to check its RTP value. When you are playing this type of slot machine you should be prepared for a longer session, as you may have to play for some time to start seeing your return. 

High volatility slot machines don’t just offer the best returns from online gaming, they offer the most fun and thrills while you play. Though the stakes may be a little higher, this is more than offset by the high-level jackpots that are available. 

Hopefully, after reading this quick guide you will feel more confident when you are playing a high volatility slot machine, and feel more prepared to manage your risk and spin a win on one of these exciting online casino games.