The Empire is Winning in The Old Republic’s PvP

Do you PvP in SWTOR? If you’re not part of the Empire, you might be getting owned. While it varies according to server, just like in any game, overall the Empire is winning PvP in The Old Republic.

An article over at tells us more about why and how the Empire is leading the warzones in SWTOR. IGN tells us:

According to Gabe Amatangelo, lead PvP designer, Empire players beat Republic players in 53 percent of Voidstar and Alderaan Civil War contests across all servers combined. He said a same faction versus same faction version of Huttball, The Old Republic’s most played Warzone, will also be included.

At some point in the future, BioWare will let players select which Warzone they want to play, though a timeline isn’t yet set. As it is now, when you queue up to enter a Warzone, you could be potentially dropped in any of the three.

But there’s more to the story, too. Are you a level 50 tired of getting into the regular warzones with the full mix of players who may not be 50 yet and who don’t have all of their class skills yet? Well this month, BioWare is bringing out a new Warzone bracket for level 50 players only. There will also be some work done on Ilum.
“”Expect to see some interim adjustments in January,” said Amatangelo, “such as more respawn points to focus conflicts, restricting Companion Characters from the area, and revisions to rewards.”
The article also says that BioWare will continue to address the bugs that are in PvP and that there will be a new patch nearly every week. This is great news to any of us who have experienced these bugs or players exploiting those bugs. In general, there have been a lot of complaints about PvP in SWTOR so hopefully these changes and additions will help some of that.

Lisa Clark

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