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New updates are on the way. If you were unable to watch the Galactic Living Livestream, then you might have some questions about what was said and what we can all expect to come to SWTOR in the near future. There are many questions and also many tips that are released to us with this livestream. While Bioware has not released the number of players that can be inside a stronghold at once, it looks like the Nar Shaddaa stronghold can hold 70 players at once with 9 rooms. Taking some time to learn how hooks work will be very important. This will show you how to manipulate items within your stronghold. It will help you see where and how to put your stuff and how to get it looking how you want.

In addition to decorations and interactivity, you will learn about pets, mounts and NPCs. You will also learn about how companions and terminals work and how to access them from your stronghold. Information is still being released about this and the update but you can get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about from these notes and highlights below.


  • New icon for strongholds in the menus and you can open that menu to instantly travel to your stronghold from anywhere. Subscribers can return to their previous location after exiting their stronghold
  • Strongholds are legacywide, any character in your legacy can go to that stronghold. A Jedi knight can go to a Dromund Kaas stronghold for example with some fiction we will add.
  • Stronghold is attached to planet chat. So if you are in a Tatooine stronghold you will be connected to the Tatooine zone chat.
  • You can own multiple strongholds up to four currently (DK, Coruscant, Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa).
  • Achievement UI will show decorations that are tied to achievements. New achievement tracks will also be added just for decorations.
  • You can invite other players to strongholds as long you are online inside the stronghold. If you want to give someone permanent access you can give them keys. You can also list your stronghold for public access so others can visit your stronghold as long you are online.
  • You can use mounts inside your stronghold.
  • Duels might be an option we are considering. Unsure at this moment yet.
  • Coruscant and DK strongholds are more affordable than Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa strongholds
  • Guilds can have strongholds – Guild Headquarters. Guild members can come in and edit.
  • F2P players can access strongholds but they cannot own them until October.
  • How many players can visit a stronghold? The max number is still being worked out.
  • You can label your strongholds but you cannot attack or invade other player’s strongholds.
  • Can you paint the interiors? Nope but you can create different lighting effects depends on what light you place.
  • Upkeep cost to maintain strongholds? Nope but if you deactivate/retire a stronghold, it will cost you to reactivate it if you brought it with credits. If you brought it with cartel coins there is no reactivation fee.
  • How do you unlock rooms? Pay a credit cost or a cartel coin cost. It is a one time fee.
  • Summer Pass players will have early access like subscribers since you are considered as subscribers.
  • Can you unlock visitors in your strongholds? Nope
  • Is there a max number of rooms? Yes, there is a limit amount of rooms.
  • Are strongholds instanced? Yes they are instanced.
  • Can you sell strongholds to other players. No you cannot.
  • Can you get pizza delivery to your strongholds. No.
  • Every stronghold have an intro cinematic you can activate by clicking on a console.
  • Stronghold in neutral planets have cross-faction public listing.
  • Layouts cannot be saved and pass on to other players.

Hook system

  • We want to make overall decoration system as easy and flexible as possible. With the variety of environments we have on Coruscant/DK, Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa there are issues with the free form system.
  • Space Ship hooks – can put player ships etc there but you cannot use them. GSF ships are unsure yet.
  • Once item is placed inside a hook, you can rotate it, x, y resize. .
  • Different colored hooks for different sizes.
  • Hooks also exist on the walls as well and ceilings.
  • Hooks exist for music boxes (Jukeboxes) that play different music.
  • Hooks can be broken down into different combinations that fill the same space to give you different options to place the decorations.
  • Centerpiece hooks for large items such as Reconstructed Hypergate


  • Crafters can make components you can trade in to a crafting droid in exchange for decorations. This droid can be placed in strongholds
  • More info on which crafting disciplines can make what is coming soon. There is a wide variety of crafting options all in line with the crafting professions.
  • Drops from different operations/flashpoints
  • Different vendors such as reputation vendors
  • Cartel Market
  • Good and awesome rewards in pretty much all areas of the game.
  • Maximum item per house limit: There is a finite number of hooks you can use but it is a large amount. Tatooine for example have a huge amount of hooks.
  • Interactivity with decorations – ability to sit in chairs or lay on beds? Some intractable items, not everything is interactable. You can use sit emotes on some of the chairs.
  • We will offer group of decorations that go together in arrangements. They will be a bit harder to get and much more sought for.
  • Lights you place on the ceiling can affect lighting of the room as well.
  • Companions from your other characters can be placed but they will appear as holos if you are not on that character.
  • If you want place the same decoration mulitple times, you must own mulitple copies of that item.
  • Decorations are not consumables, you can pick up them and reuse them elsewhere.
  • GTNs will be something you can place in your strongholds. Other kiosks such as PvP/mission terminals might be placeable as well. Stream showed GTN kiosk and item modification station so far.
  • Decorations are initially “consumables” in your inventory but once you use them they are sent to your strongholds and can be placed infinitely amount of time.
  • Anyways to display weapons/armor sets? Use companions for that. Put them on companions and put companions as decorations.
  • Will furnitures have hooks? No they don’t have hooks but some hooks overlap so you can potentially put a rug under a table since they are different overlapping hooks. This type of decoration on top of decoration is only possible for rugs.
  • Anything special for CE vendors? We can’t talk about those yet as things are being worked out.
  • Ability to place your alt characters in your stronghold? No plans for that yet.
  • If you collect datacrons for example, you can have decorations for dark or light datacrons.
  • Mounts are unlocked as decorations if you have the mount. Even if you use it as a decoration, you can use them as mounts elsewhere.

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