Star Wars Battlefront: New trailer to release in GDC 2015?

star_wars__battlefront__2015_____fan_made_boxart_by_danyvaderday-d6hpt1lStar Wars fans are dying to see a clip of the new game Star Wars: Battlefront , but EA DICE has kept all their details away from the public eye. However, it seems that the game studio is ready to show some details at the Game Developers Conference; supposedly a trailer will be shown.

The report comes from Star Wars HQ, an insider to the Star Wars world. The website said that this trailer is going to be 15 minutes long, so with a video that long we should receive some serious details about the game.

Master Herald has stated that Star Wars: Battlefront will come as a holiday gift to gamers because it will be part of the EA Access program. This allows all Xbox gamers that has a subscription to EA Access to play the new game before PC and PlayStation players can.

Star Wars: Battlefront was intended to be released during the summer but it seems that they decided it would do much better if it launched around the same time as the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This makes the game release sometime in December with the movie releasing on December 18th.

One game everyone is dying to see is the one they call “Star Wars: Battlefront 3.” However, EA DICE has kept details at a minimum, making its fans clamor for more

But it seems that the game studio is planning to spill details during the Game Developers Conference, where a trailer will reportedly be shown. This report comes from Star Wars HQ, an ardent insider about all things “Star Wars.” The site mentioned that the said trailer will be 15 minutes long, so this should reveal hefty details about the upcoming action video game.