Stars Wars Commander Gets Biggest-Ever Expansion

Star Wars Commander – Worlds in Conflict Official Trailer

Disney Interactive has been updating its extremely popular mobile game, Star Wars Commander, regularly. Ever since its launch last year it has seen new content frequently and its continuing this by introducing a major expansion called Worlds in Conflict.

This new update is the largest one by far and the game itself is close to 18 million downloads. Some of the previously released updates have given players new characters and storylines. Some of the new characters were Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and even zombies. However, Worlds of Conflict is taking the game to a whole new level.

This new update is adding a new design for the game and introduces a Galactic Map. This feature is the most requested by fans, according to Disney, and it lets the player relocate to and fight across all manner of many famous Star Wars locations. These locations include Hoth, Dandoran, Yavin IV, and Er’kit.

New Planetary Conflicts are here for Commander’s PvP and players can start new missions and gain more victories and bonuses along the way. Some of the key new features for Commander that is being sent by the new Worlds of Conflict update are listed below.

World Relocation – The Planetary Command building, which unlocks at HQ5, allows players to choose from up to four additional worlds to scout out and move to – Yavin 4, Hoth Er’Kit, and Dandoran.

Galaxy Map – Part of the Planetary Command building, this map of the greater galaxy provides tactical intel on each planet and allows players to circle through and decide which planet to engage battles on.

Updated Play Menu – This updated menu will surface information relevant to each world, such as friends and squadmates on the planet, conflicts and events, as well as chapter progress.

Planetary Conflicts – Players compete in PVP tournament-style planetary conflicts on a rotating schedule between the added worlds. Victory bonuses are given to the faction that wins each Conflict.

PvP Victory Loot Bonus – Placement in a medal tier at the end of a Planetary Conflict rewards loot bonuses. For a number of days after the conflict, earn bonus loot for victories against in PVP.

Planetary Leaderboards – PVP leaderboards will now allow a player to see their own rank as well as the top 50 Commanders. There will also be Planetary specific leaderboards so players will know their standing on their planet. Players will also now know when they’ve received donated troops, and from whom they were donated.