A Starter Guide for Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars Uprising

The newest mobile Star Wars game is from Kabam and it’s an online RPG called Star Wars: Uprising. We are sure that most of you have heard of this new mobile game by now but we are going to give you some great tips and strategies to use in the game. The games set is that you are a smuggler who is trying to earn money and work off his debt while the Empire strengthens its grasp on the galaxy with an “iron blockade.” Read on to learn some useful tips to take over Star Wars: Uprising.

Your roll move is the best asset with enemies

Star Wars: Uprising gives players access to a great roll move that will send you rolling away from enemies and danger when you are in a tight spot. All you need to do is double-tap on an area on the map and you will then go tumbling away from all of your dangers and troubles, at least for a little while.

There is one downside to the roll move and that is that it takes some time to recharge, so you should only use it when you absolutely have to. A perfect time to use this move is when there is a group of enemies that are close to killing you. The lower-level fire only causes a small amount of damage but the charge up attacks can leave you dead. Players can see when their enemy is getting close and coming after you on their map. This is your time to use the roll move and then retaliate with your own deadly force.

Always learn new skills and keep playing with them

There are many different skills to learn in Star Wars: Uprising and many of them need to be bought through the characters’ bodyguards and other tough characters. You also need to remember to shop around and see what all is available to you because each time you earn a new level, more is released.

Skills in Star Wars: Uprising are activated by certain gestures you use. The majority of the defensive and a few of the offensive skills are turned on when you give a tap to your character. The skills that are based on pistols are activated by a “pull back” motion right above the character. The best thing you can do is play around with the skills and experiment.

The best skill to use: Hold Out Blaster

Many players automatically end up spending tons of money to learn new pistol skills, but you should keep this in mind. The first skill you begin with in the game, the hold out blaster, is very useful. The skill lets you spray a fire from your pistol on your enemies for as long as your energy allows you.

This skill puts a ton of damage on your enemy per second and the energy it does use is very small. It will allow you to get through the game well until you hit around level 15.

Supply depot vouchers are first and keep leveling up your gear

If you want to have any chance is surviving in Star Wars: Uprising, you will definitely need to upgrade your equipment quite often. This is especially true because new things can be hard to find unless you want to spend tons in Chromium to get them. The first thing you should do before you dish out that hard currency is use any of the supply depot vouchers you have. You never know if you have caught something valuable and you can also get additional scrap metal that helps in bolstering your arsenal.

Story missions are a one-time deal, go for the higher rewards

There are more than enough supplementary missions that you can battle through for as many times as you want, however, the story missions are done once you have beaten them and you can’t go back. When you go into a story-based mission, your mindset should be to try and score it on the highest difficulty there is to earn better rewards. This could be the only chance you get to grab up certain weapons and items.