SWTOR Game Update 5.7 and Beyond

BioWare just released som information on the next game update for Star Wars: The old Repbulic. The next next update, wich is 5.7 will be named “Legacy of the Creators”and is coming Jan 23 along with the next operation boss Scyva

Here is the official word:

Game Update 5.7 and Beyond | 01.09.2018, 01:20 PM

“Hey folks,

Since we are formally in 2018 now, Happy New Year to all of you! We know there have been some questions about what is coming next, so we wanted to give you some details. The big “what is coming” type question will be addressed as always in Keith’s Roadmap, which is being worked on now. I would expect a few more weeks before you can read that. However, before the roadmap is in your hands, let’s talk about the next Game Update!

Game Update 5.7 – Legacy of the Creators Release date: January 23rd New Operation Boss: Scyva Available in Story and Veteran Mode Returning Companions! (these Missions will be Class-specific) Risha & Corso Andronikos New Cartel Market Pack Various bug fixes / updates

Although we will save the specifics for the Roadmap, beyond 5.7 you can expect additional Companions returning, a new Flashpoint, and more! Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to an exciting 2018.