Fan Friday for August 2009

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you en

joy these community spotlights for the month of August.

Star Wars ASCII Art
Much like a Trooper and his gun, Star Wars™ and ASCII Art make a great combination. Check out some great ASCII creations inspired by iconic Star Wars images in this ASCII art thread created by ilsabay. Maybe you can try your hand at an ASCII creation in the community!

Smuggler’s Alliance Icon
It’s undeniable that a Smuggler likes to show off, and needs an impressive icon to represent his group. VannikDesh created these three awesome Smuggler Alliance icons for the TOR community to use in their signatures. The first image combines the Aurebesh letters “S” and “A” to create a dagger hilt and includes the downturned wings of The Old Republic logo. The second and third versions used The Old Republic blaster concept art with the Aurebesh dagger in blue and gold. VannikDesh plans to create additional icons and have the community vote on the best one. View the original thread to view the full size images or leave feedback!

Fan Creation: “Heroes of The Old Republic”
Community member DeaconX and the TORadio Team have joined forces to create “Heroes of The Old Republic” – a series of Star Wars storytelling inspired by old-time radio dramas.

Deacon X is an aspiring actor and screenwriter as well as a big fan of Star Wars. He said that he wanted to create a video comic book series to combine both of his passions – Star Wars and acting. DeaconX says that he hopes to inspire others to create something or at the least entertain some fellow fans.

Check out Teaser video and Episode Zero – Prelude: Deception at Coruscant. The next release plans to be even bigger, so stay tuned to Episode I – The Artful Dodger.

New Official Poll Released : What will you do?
The situation on board the Black Talon has become critical. Citing self-preservation as his motive, the veteran captain has disobeyed a direct order to engage a Republic ship – an act of insubordination dangerously close to treason.

The clock is ticking down to an imminent attack by a Jedi boarding party. You are onboard as a representative of the Emperor. He will be very displeased if the Black Talon fails its mission and falls to the Republic.

The time has come to prove yourself to your master. What will you do?

  • Advise the captain that cooperation is in everyone’s best interests.
  • Relieve the captain of duty…with your Lightsaber!
  • Jedi?! Here?! That’s impossible! What have I told you about talking to strange computers?

Come back next week and see if your choice is played out in our complete Developer Walkthrough video!

New Avatars Released
Ready to scare your fellow community members with your new pic? Try out one of the six new avatars for the Star Wars community featuring creatures from Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. And don’t worry, these avatars don’t smell as bad as they look (except for the Tauntaun of course).