Darth Hater Turns 2

Darth Hater celebrates their 2-year birthday/anniversary this week.

“Episode 89 “Two Years of Hate” of the Darth Hater Podcast is now live. Check the bottom of the post for the stream and download links. Podcast notes after the jump.”Here are the credits of the 2-year podcast:Intro Justin Lowe – Sado – @zirak Pete Trerice – Misenus – @petetrerice Joshua Ogborn – Sleeper – @dhsleeper Ben – Dover – @doverbsOfficial Darth Hater Twitter
Pre-Show Two year anniversary
SegmentsFriday Update: Studio Insider, Community Q&A and Final Comic-Con Details
Revan Excerpt in Star Wars Insider
DevTracker Highlights For The Week of July 14, 2011
Facebook Image of the Week 7.13.11
The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of PvP
Lore Update: Jedi Consular
Community Poll
Would you like to see a player review system added to PVE Flashpoints/Operations?Yes (853 Votes, 66%) No (442 Votes, 35%)
Would you like to see the PVP commendation system added to PVE Flashpoints/Operations?Yes (775 Votes, 62%) No (483 Votes, 39%)
Would you like to see a history/past performance system added to PVE Flashpoints/Operations? Yes (271 Votes, 22%)Yes, with the option to hide it. (695 Votes, 55%) No (301 Votes, 24%)
If a history/past performance feature existed, how long of a period of time would you like see? Past 5 Days (85 Votes, 7%) Past Week (210 Votes, 17%) Past 2-3 Weeks (104 Votes, 9%) Past Month (400 Votes, 32%)Never Wipe/All (456 Votes, 37%)

They had some interesting community questions and comments and as usual, these guys are great fun to listen to. If you’ve yet to give your time to the Darth Hater podcasts, we suggest you go ahead over and check it out.
Fun Fact: We turn 3 this upcoming November! Make sure you stick around for our birthday celebrations.