SWTOR 2.10.1c Patch Notes

swtor patch notes


Servers are back up after today’s maintenance. This maintenance only addresses an update to BitRaider and the Launcher. The client update addresses compatibility with the new BitRaider. Below are the patch notes:


2.10.1c Patch Notes


  • Updated BitRaider to improve streaming performance.
  • Updated the Launcher to support Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan. Please note that the Launcher will restart twice during this update. Future updates will act as normal.


  • Introduced Client changes to support the new BitRaider version.


If you don’t know what BitRaider is, bstr413 has a pretty good explernation:

BitRaider is a program designed by a different company than EA for easily patching a game. It also allows you to play part of the game while streaming the rest of the patch. It also allows for easy repair of a corrupted program. BioWare uses this technology so that new players can download half the game and start playing it. It also helps players with a corrupted game not have to uninstall and reinstall it to fix the game if the game does not detect that it is corrupted. See http://www.bitraider.com/.
For the double SWTOR, it could be one of 4 things:

  • There is a SWTOR folder within the SWTOR folder in Program Files. This is normal: it has some of the game files necessary to play. Not sure why the developers didn’t choose a better name for this folder though.
  • The SWTOR.exe file in the SWTOR folder is what runs the game.
  • There is a SWTOR folder in AppData that stores your settings. There is another SWTOR folder within this folder.
  • If you see two SWTOR folders within Program Files, you have an abnormal setup. Not sure if you installed the game twice or what.