Star Wars Casinos and Gambling

It’s a big Star Wars world out there, much like the vast nature of online gaming. Star Wars casinos and gambling are a part of the storyline but we won’t see much of that in any Star Wars games, especially now that Disney has the rights to the brand. When they discontinued the Star Wars and Marvel slot machines because they didn’t sit with their idea of “family friendly” gaming, it was apparent we wouldn’t see gambling or casinos in any soon-to-come Star Wars games.

This is unfortunate since the stats have shown us that many Star Wars fans also like online gaming such as casinos and gambling, even if it’s just for fun and not for real money. A lot of online gamers also enjoy playing slots or similar casino games online. Not everyone, of course, but there is some overlap in the fan base.

So let’s talk gambling in Star Wars? We know there was betting in many stories from the Star Wars universe, including on things like pod racing. Wagers were commonplace. There were also gambling games like sabacc. Basically, it was the betting of credits or personal possessions (ships, etc.) on games like sabacc that made gambling in the Star Wars universe a thing. The Millennium Falcon was won in a game of sabacc. So gambling just seemed to be part of the culture.

While we do see some references to it in SWTOR, it wasn’t really a big part of the story itself. However, SWTOR is not free of gambling. There is a casino event that many players have a love/hate relationship. The casino event on Nar Shaddaa was one that had a lot of players excited and others disappointed once it was implemented. It was all about slot machines and if you know anything about gambling, you know the house always wins. Some say slots are nothing but a game of chance and there is no real strategy to winning. Others will disagree and say that studying the slots can help you have a greater advantage. Then there was the Feeling Lucky buff that would raise your odds.

If you participated in the Festival of Splendor event, what did you think? Would you like to continue to see gambling and casino games worked into SWTOR?

If you want some online casino fun but outside the SWTOR or Star Wars world, there are many great online gaming sites you can find. You might even be pressed to know which ones you should play on since there are so many out there. So take some time to research and you’re sure to find sites that work for you.

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