SWTOR June Producer Livestream Wrap-up

Here are the wrap-up from yesterdays producer livestream.


June Producer Livestream Wrap-up (6/30) | 06.30.2016, 10:04 PM

Hey folks,

We covered a lot in this livestream, here is the wrap-up if you weren’t able to tune in!

State of the Galaxy

  • Cartel Market Update – You can read all about the changes that were made in the GEMINI Pack,here.
  • Guss Tuno Recruitment – It is our goal to deliver this with Chapter XVI but we are still working through the issue.
  • Heroic Missions – They were rewarding a lot of credits, it was definitely having an impact. Still, we realize that with this being missed in the patch notes and the overall timing of the change, we are going to be reverting the rewards back to their pre-4.6 values.
  • Companions – Without being spoilery, we have received feedback regarding the impact of Companions leaving via story and the time/money that has been put into them. We are looking at how to solve this issue in the future.
  • Group Content – We have stated before that right now, there is no new group content coming in the short term roadmap. However, we do want to let you know that the team is working on group content as we speak. It is our plan to reveal more details later this year. Just to set some expectations, this isn’t confirming any specific type of content (Ops, Wzs, FPs), but group content is in the works.
  • Dark vs Light Event – Head down to the event section down below for details.

Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception

  • Now available to all subscribers!
  • Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet!
  • Uncover more of the secrets behind SCORPIO and the GEMINI droids.

Featured Community Contributors

  • Unholy Alliance – Revenge of the Musco’s Charity Event
  • SWTOR-Crafter
  • NewOverlords DvL Event Tracker

STAR WARS: Celebration

Dark Vs Light Event

  • Event Goals/Rewards – We have worked hard in the past year to try to offer rewards to veteran players and subscribers such as Legendary Status, monthly sub rewards, etc. This event is meant to be something different from that. As we are heading into our 5-year anniversary we really wanted to celebrate and offer new rewards to players for simply creating a new character and playing through the game. That is the overall focus of this event. We have no plans at this time to make rewards retroactive.
  • Character slots – We know one of the issues that was raised are players who are at the current character slot maximum. With our maintenance next week we will be increasing the server maximum by 10.
  • Dark Vs Light Pack bind rules – The reason we chose to go with BoP over BoL for these items is Collections. Currently, BoL items do not work towards a Collection unlock. If we had the items be BoL then you could not have combined the event packs with any other items to complete a Collection set. We agree this is not optimal and we are working on ways to solve this moving forward.

Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen