SWTOR June Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Here is the rundown of the SWTOR June Producer’s Livestream:

When: 1 pm Pacific, about 1 hr from this post.

Where: https://www.twitch.tv/swtor

What: Get an inside look into the current state of the galaxy and what’s coming in June!



  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 14
  • Subscriber Rewards
  • Dark side vs Light Side Event
  • Chapter 15
  • Wrap Up

State of the Galaxy

  • Chapter 15 launch very smooth, no major bugs.
  • SWTOR Cantina Tour 2016 – will be at the Star Wars celebration in July. Don’t need ticket for celebration to get in. Next cantina after is probably in New York with the comiccon but not fully confirmed.
  • Eternal Championship contest participation was out of control, one guy did it 310 times.
  • Starting with Chapter 15 pack, you will either get a Bronze item in the pack or a Grand Chance Cube.
  • Will keep give you explanations for the class changes like the one that was in Patch 4.5.
  • Musco’s marathon stream went pretty well, crazy giveaways at the end.

Chapter 14- Mandalore‘s Revenge

  • Assault a massive enemy fortress with Shae Vizla, Torian Cadera, and the Mandalorian Clans
  • Uncover the secret behind the Eternal Fleet
  • Recruit the vicious Talz warrior Broonmark who is on a bloody warpath of revenge.

Featured Community Contributors

  • twitter.com/NastasiyaFun – Lana Beniko cosplay
  • #TheronThursday hashtag on Twitter and #swtorfamily
  • Bad Feeling Podcast –/u/badfeelingpodcast

Subscriber Rewards

  • July subscriber rewards
    • HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration (poster)
    • Early access to Chapter 16
    • Subscriber by July 1st to quality
  • acBgG50

Dark Side vs Light Side Event

  • Join a Galactic event and Earn Epic Rewards in celebration of SWTOR’s 5 year anniversary that will run for a few months.
  • Choose dark side or light side
  • More info will come around 3 weeks from today.
  • When you play the game, the sum of all the dark side choices and light choices players made during the event will impact the game and rewards you get – i.e. One of the new companions you can get as rewards is a brand new companion we havn’t seen before. Depending on which side wins the companion will either be a light side based or dark side based companion. This will change their appearance, personality and combat abilities.
  • Six tiers of rewards you can get – supposedly to be the “best” rewards you can get.
  • We looked at past 6 months of history and light side choices dominated (59% vs 41%).
  • We will give periodic updates to let you guys know how each side is doing.

Chapter 15 – GEMINI Deception

  • Coming June 28
  • Lead a daring assault of your whole gang on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet
  • Uncover more of the secrets behind Scorpio and the GEMINI droids.
  • According to the developers it is one of their favourite chapters.
  • Short video teaser at end of the stream.
  • Musco thinks the chapter should be called “ BLANK” get real.
  • Guss Recruitment mission – recruit the loveable ex-Jedi con man into your alliance. Help Guss unlock his true potential and guide his training in the force.

June Producer Livestream Wrap-up | 06.03.2016, 08:57 PM

Hey folks,
Thank you to everyone who tuned into the livestream. Here is what we discussed, in case you missed it.

  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge is now live!
  • Starting with Chapter 15’s CM Pack, we are reintroducing new bronze items. If you would get a bronze item in a pack it can be either a new item, or a Chance Cube
  • July Subscriber Rewards
    • Hk-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration
    • Early Access to Chapter XVI
  • New Event Coming: Dark Side vs. Light Side
    • Galactic event with epic rewards
    • Launches on June 28th
    • Dark and Light decisions made across the entire game are tallied, one side will win and it has impact.
  • Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception
    • Launches June 28th
    • Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet!
    • Guss recruitment Mission

Thanks again everyone. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in this thread.