SWTOR Lead Composer Comments on Datamined KOTET Music

That feeling when you post datamined music and then the composer comes along to comment… yeah, that happened. User Jedipedia posted a 1 hour no-spoiler feed of music from KotET and lead composer Jesse Harlin stopped in for a comment. You can see the full thread with links to the music here.  Basically, the data mined music files are just the MIDI demos that were later replaced by an actual live performance. Honestly, those demo files don’t sound half bad and they definitely get us excited for the real thing that is coming soon.

As for Harlin’s comment:

“Hi, SWTOR. Lead composer Jesse Harlin here. Perhaps I can help to give some context on this for you all. This happened last time with KotFE and now it’s happened again with KotET.

Just so that everyone knows, these are the rough demos that eventually turn into the final tracks. We headed to Nashville and recorded for two days with a 70 piece orchestra and a choir. Every single piece was recorded live. Those live mixes then replace the MIDI-oriented demos.”

How awesome is that?

So we know it has some really great music, even if these are just the rough demos. Can you imagine what it’s going to sound like live with the 70-piece orchestra and choir? Also, how amazing would it be to be one of the musicians and performers who got to work on this project? To be in a choir or orchestra and get your sound in a Star Wars game or movie would be so amazing. The work Harlin and his team have done on the music in SWTOR just goes without saying. There are no words to express what a fantastic job they do every single time. We can’t wait for more!

Lisa Clark

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