SWTOR: Eric will be absent from the office to train his new apprentice for a while

In other news, Community Manager for Star Wars: The old Republic, Erci Musco will be AFK for a while do to parental leave. Danie lsteed will fill his shoes while he is gone. Here is the news:

Hey everyone,

A couple of years ago I made a post just like this one where I let you know I was getting married and would be out of office for a few weeks. (Round 1, if you missed it). Well, I am back for round 2…

In a few short weeks, my wife and I are expecting our first child!

Between paternity leave and some paid time off that’s burning a hole in my pocket, I am going to be in and out of the office quite a bit over the next few months. To keep things consistent, even during the time I am in office, I will be focusing most of my efforts behind the scenes. I would expect it will be a few months before you see me start popping back up more regularly. My goal is to have this time be as minimally impactful to all of you as possible. This is going to be accomplished in two ways.

First, most of you already know Dan Steed who has been on the community team for a year or so now. A lot of his role is typically behind the scenes, but, he is gonna step out from behind the curtain to start communicating with you more. Second, we have a couple of people that are going to be helping us out, some on a temporary basis. They will be posting under a new account aptly called “CommunityTeam”.

Like last time, this likely won’t be my last message to you all before I go on leave (given the unpredictability of babies though, who knows). But I will start receding back a bit so the other team members can start interacting with all of you. Thanks everyone, be nice while I’m gone 

Enough from me, over to them!


02.20.2020 , 01:36 PM

Hello everyone!

It’s been about a year since my debut here on the forums, but for anyone unsure of what aspects of Community I help run, here’s a quick list of things that I handle on the back end of things.

  • Website publishing and management. I’m the main driving force behind a majority of the articles and various website updates that happen.
  • Creating assets used for Community/Marketing. The Alderaan trailer for Game Update 6.1 and the images used for the recent Cartel Market article are some good examples of this.
  • Running the Content Creator program and working with everyone in that group.
  • Social media posting on all the different platforms.

With Musco’s upcoming journey into fatherhood, expect to see more of me here on the forums! The next few weeks will be a transitionary period, so thank you for your patience as we get properly adjusted to dividing everything Musco managed both here and behind the scenes.

02.20.2020 , 01:39 PM

Hi there,

I will be the Padawan of the forums but don’t worry although I am new here on the forums I’m not so new to SWTOR. I have worked as a member of the SWTOR support team for years.

Here are a few facts about me: People call me Natha, I’m French but I have lived in Ireland since 2015, I love food and hiking (do not hesitate to send me suggestions on both). Last but not least, my favorite class in SWTOR is Sith Inquisitor.

I will be an additional helping hand alongside Dan during Eric’s parental leave and even beyond. Expect me to be not only on the forums discussing with you and escalating bug reports but also responding to you on social media.

I’m looking forward to having great conversations with you.