Star Wars Battlefront II – May 28th Patch – Release Notes

The guys over at DICE have a small patch releasing on May 28 which aims to address a selection of issues that they have found, but also makes changes to the current milestone requirements for some of the appearances, including Darth Maul’s Old master.

The Devs are making changes to the appearance milestone requirements, and instead of requiring you to defeat 5,000 enemies with a specific hero, this can now be done for any hero on their respective side. This means that for Darth Maul’s Old Master appearance, you will no longer need to defeat 5,000 enemies as Darth Maul, but as any hero on the Dark Side. Defeating enemies as a Light Side hero will be required to unlock the Luke Farmboy and Princess Leia appearances.

As a team, they would like to give a shout out to those who have already unlocked the Old Master Appearance, the Force is definitely strong with you!

Elsewhere in appearances, the AI-controlled Clone Troopers will now be equipped with Phase 2 armor on the Republic Attack Cruiser.

AI behavior has also been adjusted, and you’ll now see improved behavior around Command Post E on Death Star 2, in both Instant Action and Supremacy.

Kylo Ren and Darth Vader have had tweaks made to some of their abilities. Kylo Ren’s Frenzy attack will have its base damage reduced from 125 to 115. Whereas Darth Vader will receive multiple changes.

The first of which will be a reduction in damage for his Lightsaber Throw from 150, down to 130. His Star Card, Intensified Lightsaber Throw will also have its values changed to 15-20-25-30. Rounding out the changes to Darth Vader will be a tweak which will cause opponents affected by his Choke ability to only take half damage from his Lightsaber Throw.

Release Notes:

  • Balanced the Milestone requirements for Darth Maul’s Old Master appearance, Luke Skywalker’s Farmboy appearance and Leia Organa’s Princess appearance. The Milestones now require players to defeat 5,000 enemies as any Dark side or Light side hero.
  • Made improvements to prevent the issue of players matchmaking into one-team lobbies.
  • Various stability fixes related to the gameplay of Imperial Rocket Trooper and First Order Flametrooper.
  • Balancing pass on Darth Vader
    • Reduced Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Throw damage from 150 to 130
    • Reduced the values of the Intensified Lightsaber Throw Star Card to 15-20-25-30
    • Enemies who are affected by Darth Vader’s Choke will only take half damage from Lightsaber Throw.
  • Lowered base damage of Kylo Ren’s Frenzy ability from 125 to 115.
  • The appearances of AI-controlled Clone Troopers on the Republic Attack Cruiser on Instant Action and Co-Op – Missions are now set to Phase 2.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI’s behavior regarding Command Post E on Death Star 2, on Instant Action and Supremacy.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fight As One” milestone would not track progress when playing in Co-Op Missions.
  • Fixed an issue where certain unlockable items were still indicated to be unlocked through Events only.
  • Fixed an issue with the DL-18, where the Improved Cooling mod wouldn’t increase how many shots the weapon could fire before overheating.
  • Fixed an issue with the descriptions of the Republic Attack Cruiser and the Separatist Dreadnought on the Frontend menu of Instant Action Missions.
  • Resolved an issue where wrong announcers could be heard when transitioning between round phases of any game mode, while using certain Heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Name Tags UI option in the Main Menu would overlap with the Kill Message when set to Default.
  • Fixed an issue where the Objective opacity sliders in the UI options will now include the progress bar, squad order, no. of contesters and text labels.
  • The visual for the PC Chat prompt has now been removed from the UI options on consoles.