What is the correlation between gambling and Star Wars ?

If you are a big fan of Star Wars, you’d likely agree that there is a very strong connect between this IP and the world of gambling. Movie watchers will agree with us that gambling is the sheet anchor of this epic franchise. Who can forget the epic scene when Han Solo takes apart Lando Calrissian for the Millenium Falcon. Indeed, there isn’t a single movie in the Star Movie series where there isn’t some form of gambling.

If you a casino player and fan of Star Wars, then you will likely agree that there is a correlation between the movie/comic universe and gambling. Several Star Wars TV shows, movies, games and comics feature gambling. In this article, we will talk about this gambling in relations to the Star Wars universe and why it can be a blessing or urese. Placeholder text to keep article. If you a cato the Star Wars universe and why it can be a blessing or

An entire planet taken for placing high stakes

While there have been several movies in this series that feature gambling, players can partake Last Jedi that appropriates an entire planet for gambling. Rose Tico and Finn, the two main protagonists of this film, stake out the entire planet for gambling. The center of attraction of this flick is the Canto Casino located on the planet Cantonica. The city which hosts this casino has amusing name, Canto Bight. Like the other real casinos, this one too hosts several restaurants, game rooms, etc.

Canto has a range of gambling options for all kinds of players. Gamblers can look forward to playing on Blackjack, Roulette, slots, scratch cards, etc. There’s a live gambling section too in Canto. that offers several games to varied play. In New Zealand, some casinos like Betiton provide Star Wars slots. You can play casino online at Betiton™️ if you want to try their online casino slots. While this is the first time players get to see an entire planet turned into a gambling parlor, there are other movies too that show gambling on a smaller scale.

The confusion around the Golden Dice

Players and fans who have watched The Last Jedi must have been confused at the outcome of the game between Han and Lando. In that epic battle of wits, the golden dice makes an appearance at Han’s funeral. If Sabacc was a card game, why did the movie show this dice? Very few know that the version of Sabacc in The Last Jedi was a combination of card games and a pair of dice. Han had won that match using the golden dice.

• In Sabacc, the goal is to collect a value closest to 23

• Another popular game in Star Wars is Lugjack

Racing in Star Wars

Star Wars movies have also featured Racing as a gambling activity. This sport is hugely famous among the rich and the famous on Cantonica. Much of the Star Wars gambling activity featured fathiers; these were raised specifically for the racetracks. Fathier racing is a great revenue generator for the Canto Bight racetracks on the planet of Cantonica. There are other animal races too such as Blob and Odupiendo Races. In the former, blobs cross hurdles placed on the track.

• In Podracers, players race aircraft that fly at 700 kmph

• An example of a Podrace is the Phantom Menace

What is Lugjack in Star Wars?

Another popular game is Lugjack which is actually a game of chance. Lugjacks are similar to online slots and feature credi-operated machines. When a player pulls a lever, he can receive payouts depending upon the symbols that appear on his screen. Just like the slot machines in online casinos, Lugjacks have three or more reels. In one of the Star Wars movies Dobbo Scay thought that the astromech droid BB-8 is a Lugjack so he starts pouring his cantocoins into the droid’s ports.

Cantocoins and The Star Wars

Cantocoins are much like the currency used by the players in online casinos. The former were created by the producers for The Last Jedi that was released in 2017. Made from precious metals such as gold, Cantocoins are small chits and are used in the Canto Casino located on Cantonica. These chits come in three different sizes and values. The largest chit is made of gold, the next one of silver, and the smallest chit is of bronze.

Video Games and Star Wars

Roan Novachez of the Jed Academy is often shown playing video games. He spends his time playing these games in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Roan’s favorite partner is Pasha. Both the friends enjoy playing Gundark Trainer, a video slot that is rich in graphics and has an amazing storyline. Another major player is the Galactic emperor Palpatine who entrusts all his dirty work to his henchman Darth Vader while completing his levels. The creator of Gundark Trailer is Jeffrey Brown.