Top Five Best iOS Star Wars Games

Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions

In light of the Star Wars films all coming out on digital release this week, TouchArcade has compiled a list of their favorite five iOS Star Wars games. I’m not a big Apple fan myself, as an Android phone owner, but we have iPods in our house and I have tried most of these myself. I love pinball and of course KoTR for mobile is a win. I appreciate all of the LEGO Star Wars series and since this one is free, you can’t beat it. What other great Star Wars iOS games are there and did they make the list?

Their picks?

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Free

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, $9.99

Star Wars™ Pinball 3, $1.99

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga, Free

Star Wars: Commander, Free

Head on over to their post to read why each one made their list and to get an easy download link for the games/apps if you want to check them out. 3 of the 5 are free, which we think adds to why they are great picks.

That said, do you think these should be the top five? Does their list stack up against yours?

Here are some honorable mentions that are no longer with us:

– Tiny Death Star
– The Battle for Hoth
– Falcon Gunner
Star Wars Cantina
Star Wars Pit Droids
Star Wars Assault Squad
– The Force Unleashed
Trench Run

Did you play any of these? Sadly, some of them you can no longer download so unless you already had it and still have the app on your phone, you will not ever get to experience them. All the more reason to snag up the 5 above in case they end up getting the axe as well. Star Wars games have a funny way of having a short lifespan, it would seem for many.

Lisa Clark

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