Star Wars Episode 7: Rumor Roundup (June Edition)

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We have been hearing some more rumors about Episode 7 and we thought it a good time to do another roundup of what we have heard so far. As always, remember that these rumors are just that for now- rumors. Some are later confirmed to be true in part or in entirety but many more are confirmed a bust. So take it with a grain of salt but it’s also fun to speculate, especially when the company is being so tight-lipped about it. With a franchise like Star Wars, it’s usually the case that not even staff knows 100% what will be real and not until the very end.

Here are some rumors from Latino Review:

  • There will be a female villain. Over 50% sure she’s a Sith. I’ll follow up on this in later weeks.
  • Despite having 30 Years after Jedi to set one up, there is NO New Republic at the start of Episode VII.
  • Boba-Fett-similar armor is around. Probably not for the man himself. Mandalorians? Clone drama? Still unclear on a plot/character connection.
  • John Boyega isn’t a Jedi or a Padawan at the beginning of the movie, he’s the one that has the story arc that brings him into Star Wars’ greater universe. It has echoes of Luke’s arc in A New Hope.

In other news, we have all wondered how Harrison Ford’s unfortunate injury on set would affect filming. There are some rumors about this as well.

From the New York Post’s Page Six:

With Harrison Ford temporarily out of commission on the set of J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated “Star Wars: Episode VII,” Hollywood sources say that star Oscar Isaac’s role in the movie is being expanded.

Details of Isaac’s role have been kept strictly secret — but there’s speculation he plays a descendant or even the son of Ford’s Han Solo character, who has “an especially large role.” But after Ford was injured on the sci-fi epic’s set, spies say Isaac’s part is now being extended as a Plan B.

“They are now beefing up Oscar’s role to be bigger with Harrison injured,” said a source familiar with the project that’s currently shooting at London’s Pinewood Studios.

It’s possible… but some of the main sources on this one are tabloids so we can’t really say at this time if there is any truth to this one. Regardless, we wish Ford a speedy recovery and hope he gets back to the set soon. Keep in mind that earlier rumors that said he would be out for 6 months are actually not true and instead it should be more like 6-8 weeks, which is still a long time on a big movie set but certainly not the same as six months.

As always, remember that until officially confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, these are just rumors. What rumors have you heard recently?

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