Introduction to Selling HPE Products, Solutions and Services: HPE2-E55 Exam

HP HPE is a leading provider of computer systems solutions such as servers, networking, storage and services solutions. HP HPE2-E55 foundation level exam tests candidate’s skills in selling these solutions to businesses. The candidates must demonstrate their understanding of HPE products in relation tocustomer’s needs as well as installation and configuration of these products. This article is dedicated to the main points you need to know and take into consideration while preparing for HPE2-E55 certification exam.

Exam Objectives

The HP HPE2-E55 exam is designed to test a candidate’s level of preparedness in the following areas:

  • Small to mid-sized firms (35%)

How these firms’ technology trends affectcustomer’s purchasing decisions

Customer’s technology needs and the kind of challenges they face

Customer’s financing solutions

Installation and configuration of these networking solutions

HPE introductory-level networking, storage and server solutions and their value to business

Selling HPE Foundation-level solutions

Financing options available to small to mid-sized businesses

Identifying HPE Pointnext solutions that will help meet HPE customers’ needs

Target Audience

  • HPE salesprofessionals
  • HPE pre-sales technical engineers
  • HPE sales consultants


  • No prior certification
  • One has to obtain access to HPE Learning Center
  • The learner must get a HPE Learner ID and register with Pearson VUE for exam.

Certifications included in the HP HPE2-E55 exam

  • HPE Sales Certified-Storage
  • HPE Sales Certified-Servers
  • HPE Sales Certified-Services

Why become HP HPE2-E55certified?

  • You get an opportunity to showcase your skills in solving customer storage, networking, server and services need.
  • To become an expert in identifying sales opportunities for HPE products and advice customers on financing solutions.
  • HP HPE2-E55 certification provides you with a unique opportunity to continually advance in your career.

Why HP HPE2-E55 certification is so popular

HP HPE2-E55 certification exam as well as the certification HPE Sales Certified – Introduction to Selling Products, Solutions and Services itself are popular owing to their objectives of preparing learners to become professionals in identifying networking, server and services solutions and factors affecting customers’ purchase decisions. The course and exam are very intensive and detailed. This places an individual in an expert position when it comes to offering these solutions to businesses. It prepares employees to understand the market trends as well as meet customers’ needs, thereby leading to business success and enhanced customer satisfaction. Golden Nugget Online Casino bonus codes

How to pass your HP HPE2-E55 exam

Passing in this exam requires thorough preparations. Make sure you schedule your time well so as to have enough time for study. Going through a course will also go a long way in giving you the right materials for preparation. You can also use exam resources that are available online. They include study guides and . These resources give you an overview of the exam format and the kind of questions to expect. They also help you to know the areas that you need to improve.

HPE Exam questions format

  • Availability: Online (web based)
  • 50 questions
  • Duration: 1½ hours
  • Multiple-choice multiple answer
  • Multiple-choice single answer
  • Pass score: 70%
  • Registration: Pearson VUE

Tips to help you pass the HP HPE2-E55 exam

  • Complete the Training

The best and recommended way to prepare for your exam is to study with the help of an instructor. This particular course is web based and you can only access it by registering with the HPE Learning Center to obtain your free online training. The English online training takes 2.5 hours to complete.

  • Use Study Guides and practice tests

HPE Press has practice tests that you can make use of in order to prepare for your exams. You can also find training guidesand practice tests online that will help you understand what to expect in your exam.

  • Be part of the HPE online community

Being part of the HPE learning online community will give you an idea of what the exam is all about. You can learn how to approach the exam from the forum members. Here you get to meet experts and colleagues. You can get advice and find solutions to your needs in regards to your training and exam.

My personal experience of passing the HPE2-E55 exam

I sat for my HPE2-E55 exam somewhere at the beginning of last year. I had been working as a sales consultant for HPE Storage solutions for some time. So, I already had a hands-on experience with HPE products and services.I registered for training which took me a short time to finish. I also accessed some practice exam materials from HPE Press that gave me an overview of what the exam looked like. Armed with this knowledge and skills, I sat for my exam and I was able to pass it. I’m now a certified HP HPE2-055 professional. One thing I learned about passing this exam is the importance of proper preparation. I studied and tested myself with practice test exams that helped me understand the areas that I needed to improve. Proper preparation is the key to passing any exam.

Are exam Dumps helpful?

Practice test exams found online are helpful in preparing for the exams. These practice tests help you to gauge yourself on your readiness as well as to point out your weak areas so that you can improve them. They are updated regularly. These tests are available online for free or at a fee to anyone who wishes to download them. Some of the sites that provide these exam dumps are PassGuide and ExamSnap.

Top web resources HP HPE2-E55 exam preparation

  • HPE Press practice tests
  • HPE PDF Training Guide

The need to understand customer needs in terms of provision of networking, server, storage and services solutions has made HPE to design certifications that prepare individuals and their employees to offer these solutions with an aim of meeting their customers’ expectations. Small and mid-sized businesses alike have a long time been on the receiving end of disappointing networking solutions providers. The HPE certifications take care of such challenges because they are focused on providing business solutions that put the needs of the customers first. The process begins with the identification of the customer’s needs and then bringing in networking solutions that would exactly fit in to those requirements.