Questions for the Director of Star Wars Uprising

Daniel Erickson has a reputation for reaching out to the community, especially when it comes to games he works on. This is something I really like, especially with my background in gaming and game writing. It’s nice to see directors, developers and game writers/editors who care about what the community thinks. It’s nice to see them taking the time to invest in their community and listen to their concerns, answer their questions and just open that dialogue. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a player a lifelong fan because you’re showing that you actually care about them. With that said, Daniel Erickson is offering up the opportunity to pick his brain about Star Wars Uprising. In case you missed it on the forums, here’s the post:

“Hey Folks,

Got questions? I’ll do my best to answer them or find the expert that can. All posts will be read. Well intended questions (“Why do you suck SOOOOO much?!???!” is not a good example) will be answered. Let’s keep it constructive and remember game dev is complex and a difference of opinion is not the same as disrespect.

Bring it!

Daniel Erickson
Star Wars: Uprising

[Moderator Note]
To see answers to questions – Please read here first! before asking your question (it may have already been answered!).”

There have been some pretty good questions asked so far and you can also see that many players share my sentiment that this type of open dialogue is a win-win for both sides. So with that in mind, head on over and read the thread for yourself. If your question hasn’t been asked yet, take the time to post it.

Lisa Clark

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