Star Wars Battlefront II – Patch 1.2 datamined

Here’s some stuff that was discovered by reddit user Heavyweighsthecrown  after spending a few hours in the game’s files with Frosty Editor – a game assets editor that’s also used to manipulate game files for mods.

He Spent some hours looking at 3D meshes, cryptic command lines, colorful textures, and files named under some arcane system, and this is what he found…

But first, a Disclaimer: I don’t know if people already knew this stuff 100% before this latest patch, or if this is new stuff. Also, everything here can easily be verified if you use Frosty Editor yourself to dive into the game files.

  • There are actually 2 head models named “JangoFett”. But he’s without the helmet, and both look very alike. I don’t think they will be used in future models though. The more detailed head is probably the Clone Officer, and the slightly less detailed one is probably the background clones on Kamino.
  • There are 2 Kylo heads without the helmet: one with the scar and one without

  • There’s a good number of alien heads: quarren, rodian, nikto, sullustan, zabrak, twilek, weequay, and others, even mirialan…have we seen these before? There’s a mirialan on campaign Takodana.
  • Funnily enough, there’s a ‘droid’ folder solely for the Gonk droid model and assets lol…this doesn’t happen for other characters, who are grouped inside folders like ‘hero’ or ‘dark side’ or ‘body parts’ etc. No, Gonk gets a folder only for him.
  • The blue Lando bespin clothing (from the previous game) is still here. And Ach-to’s Rey. I wish they would just make these available already…
  • There are a bunch of Bespin and Scariff files and textures. Scariff’s Shoretrooper is also here, fully rendered. But these are all used in current campaign levels, so it’s nothing new – along with plenty other planets and assets that are campaign-only.
  • There’s a fully rendered X-wing pilot skin. Sadly, the helmet does not look like Luke’s. This skin is currently being used in some mods I’ve seen around, for Pilot Luke though. It’s from the campaign, first level, during the Rebel debrief scene.
  • There’s still a few metadata itens pertaining to a General Grievous character. Ability names like “stun slam” (left), “saber spin” (middle) and “saber shield / buzzsaw” (right). And also star card names like LIGHTSABER SPIN KILLSTREAK, BUZZ-SAW DEFLECTION ACCURACY, BUZZ-SAW ACCELERATION, BUZZ-SAW STAMINA, INCREASED STUN SLAM DURATION, SUPER STUN SLAM, and also a few other unnamed cards that give passive boons. These names are all obviously placeholder names.
  • There is a file under ‘Crait’ titled “hvsintro_win32_antstate”. Does that mean we’ll get Hero Vs Villains Crait in the next months? Other files related to HvV have similar naming. One can hope.
  • Also there’s a few clues to a game mode named “Duel” but I don’t really know what to make of these, as currently there’s a “Duel” option on Arcade for *console* players, and this is the PC version I’m datamining…so are these leftover files from development, or clues to future content? Who knows. But hints to this “Duel” game mode all seem to appear under skirmish archives – so, PC players can hope for a future Arcade update. Inside one of those there’s a “PF_Skirmish_GameModeText_Duel” file. The next files end with “GameModeText_Onslaught” and “GameModeText_teambattle”, suggesting that “Duel” is going to be (or was) also a game mode for PC players. There are a few other archives like that, with files for “onslaught”, “blast”, “teambattle”, and also “duel” again.

That’s it. More patient folk than me can surely find even more stuff, but then you’d be pretty much looking through the same stuff I did.
Keep you hopes up and try to keep your speculation grounded.