Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Kit Reveal: Zorii Bliss

The Galaxy of Heroes forum on EA’s Star Wars website recently revealed a new character kit for Zorii Bliss. Zorii Bliss is a new addition to the game and is a female character who is part of the Resistance faction. Her kit includes a variety of abilities that players can use to boost their team’s performance in battles.

One of Zorii Bliss’s abilities is called “Blaster Barrage,” which allows her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Another ability, called “Sonic Boom,” allows her to stun enemies and reduce their speed. Additionally, she has a passive ability called “Shield Bash” which gives her a chance to stun enemies when she takes damage.

Players can also equip Zorii Bliss with gear that boosts her abilities and makes her even more powerful in battle. This includes weapons, armor, and other items that can increase her health, damage output, and speed.

Overall, Zorii Bliss is a versatile character that can be used in a variety of ways in battle. Her abilities make her a strong addition to any Resistance team, and her gear can be customized to suit different playstyles. Players are excited to try her out and see how she performs in the game.

UNIT NAME: Zorii Bliss
CATEGORIES: Support, Resistance, Scoundrel, Smuggler

Key Attributes:


Strategy Tips:

How do I acquire Zorii Bliss?
Zorii is a marquee character available 11am PT 1/12/23 to 11am PT 1/19/23
Why non UFU tanks?
While Zorii does think Rey is OK there were balance concerns with including Rey in parts of her kit, especially since our intention is for Zorii to lift Resistance characters that are not included in the already strong Rey squads

BASIC:Twin E-851 Blasters


Final Text: Deal Physical damage twice to target enemy. If Zorii is Stealthed, this attack can’t be evaded and dispel all buffs on target enemy. For each buff dispelled this way, Resistance allies recover 10% Health.

SPECIAL 1: Captain’s Medallion (CD=4)


Final Text: Dispel all debuffs on Resistance allies. For each debuff dispelled, Resistance allies gain 5% Turn Meter. Non-Unaligned Force User Resistance Tanks Taunt for 1 turn and gain Protection Up (50%) for 2 turns. Zorii gains Stealth for 2 turns. Call all Resistance allies to assist.

SPECIAL 2: I’ve Done Worse For a Lot Less (CD=4)


Final Text: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack deals +30% damage for each Expose triggered (stacking, max 300%) until this ability is used. If Zorii is Stealthed, inflict Healing Immunity on target enemy for 2 turns. If target enemy is Exposed, Stun them for 1 turn. If this ability defeats an enemy, Expose all enemies for 1 turn, which can’t be resisted.

UNIQUE 1: There’s More of Us (Zeta + Omicron)
Final Text: If the ally in the Leader slot is non-Unaligned Force User Resistance:
– Resistance allies have +100% Potency while they have more allies than enemies and have +35 Speed while they have equal or fewer allies than enemies
– Whenever Zorii uses an ability while Stealthed, the ally in the Leader slot and Poe gain Retribution for 1 turn; if Poe is Taunting, he also gains Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn
– Whenever a Resistance ally has less than 100% Turn Meter and gains bonus Turn Meter, they gain 35% Offense (stacking) for 1 turn
– Whenever a non-Unaligned Force User Resistance ally removes Turn Meter from an enemy, they inflict Speed Down for 1 turn
– Whenever a Resistance ally without Tenacity Up gains Tenacity Up, all other Resistance allies without Tenacity Up gain Tenacity Up for 1 turn
– While Resistance allies have Tenacity Up, whenever they deal damage to an enemy, they have a 35% chance to inflict Expose for 1 turn
– Whenever a non-Unaligned Force User Resistance Tank Taunts they gain 15% Max Health (stacking) for the rest of the encounter and whenever Taunt expires on them, they recover 15% Protection
While in Grand Arenas if there are no Galactic Legend allies and all allies are Resistance: If the ally in the Leader slot is non-Unaligned Force User Resistance, whenever Zorii is Stealthed at the start of her turn, all enemies without Expose are inflicted with Expose for 1 turn, which can’t be evaded or resisted

UNIQUE 2: Spice Runner Skills (Zeta)
Final Text: Zorii gains Stealth for 2 turns at the start of each encounter. Smuggler allies have +35% Accuracy and Health Steal. Whenever an ally triggers an Expose, all allies recover 5% Protection. The first time each Resistance or Smuggler ally falls below 100% Health, that ally gains 100% Turn Meter. If that ally was a Non-Tank, also gain Protection Up (100%) and Stealth for 2 turns. If that ally was a Tank gain Damage Immunity and Taunt for 1 turn instead. If this Damage Immunity or Stealth is dispelled, that ally recovers 100% Protection.
Whenever Zorii uses an ability while Stealthed, Smuggler allies gain buffs based on their roles:
-Attackers: Critical Damage Up for 2 turns
– Healers and Supports: Speed Up for 2 turns
-Tanks: Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns