SWTOR: Game Update 2.2 now on PTS

swtor pts patch 2_2

BioWare just opened the Public test servers with game update 2.2. I haven’t testet it out my self yet, but  LightSaber from the-old-republic.ru send over a new video showcasing some of the awesome new stuff that comes with game update 2.2.  This Doesn’t seem like a huge patch but rather some nice additions and changes. Check out the patch notes below the video.

The video shows Dark Ward, The Visual changes to flamethrower, Kell Dragon gear & New Rated PvP Weapons  we get with 2.2. Check it out:

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™
Game Update 2.2 PTS Patch Notes
The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are intended to guide testing. They are not final and are subject to change.

The Public Test Server Patch Notes will be provided in English. The final release notes will be provided in English, French, and German when the content is moved to live servers.


  • Characters in a guild will receive an XP and Reputation bonus based on the number of characters from unique accounts in the guild. For every five active unique accounts in a guild, the XP and Reputation bonus increases by 1% (on top of the base 5%) for the entire guild, up to a maximum of 10%.

Classes and Combat


  • All stunbreaks (Determination, Escape, Unbreakable Will, Resolute, etc.) will have their cooldown reset after a character comes back from a defeated state.

Jedi Knight


  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Sith Warrior


  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Jedi Consular


  • Breaching Shadows, granted by Shadow Technique, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Breaching Shadows are active.

Sith Inquisitor


  • Dark Ward has a new visual effect that persists while active.


  • Static Charge, granted by Surging Charge, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Static Charge are active.

Bounty Hunter


Crew Skills

Crafting Skills


Terror From Beyond

Scum and Villainy

  • A PTS sneak preview of nightmare mode is now available for Legions of Scum and Villainy! This will be released as part of Game Update 2.2.2.
  • Story Mode drops have been updated to include the following in addition to current rewards:
    • Dash’Roode now drops the Arkanian Waist Token
    • Titan 6 now drops the Arkanian Implant Token
    • Thrasher now drops the Arkanian Earpiece Token

Items and Economy


  • A new sub-tier of gear is available! Kell Dragon gear can be obtained from Nightmare Mode Operations at level 55.
  • A new vehicle, the Helix Hyperpod, is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Terror from Beyond.
  • A new vehicle, the Titan 6 Containment Vehicle, is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy.





  • Players that are backfilled into a Warzone will be awarded a Reinforcement Medal that will count toward their total medal count for the match. This also means that backfilled players will no longer be put into a situation where they get backfilled into a match and don’t have enough time to get one medal and thus miss out on the warzone rewards at the end of the match.


  • Turret (Objective Control Points) will no longer be interactable while changing ownership.
  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Alderaan Civil War Warzone when one team has twice as many points as the enemy team.

Ancient Hypergates


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Novare Coast Warzone when one team has less than 25% remaining on their shields and the other team has 75% or greater remaining on theirs.